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Meetings for iPhone - WWDC Sale

Jun 06, 2013 - With WWDC starting next week on 6/10, there will be a lot of people to meet and keep track of. Meetings for iPhone is the perfect app to do that, and best of all, it will be on sale from 6/6 to 6/10. Easily keep track of WWDC sessions. Simply fill in the sections and Meetings helps you think about, and do, the right things like invite the right people, plan preparation activities, define an agenda, take notes of the discussions and decisions, and, most importantly, define the next steps.

Meetings - Getting Meetings Done with the New App for Mac and iPhone

Feb 28, 2013 - Command Guru today introduces Meetings, their new Mac and iPhone app that lets you organize and keep track of your meetings. Meetings helps users think about, and do, the right things like inviting just the right people, plan preparation activities, define an agenda, take notes of the discussions and decisions, and, most of all, define the next steps. Meetings uses an innovative input method called Smart Entry, that allows the user to enter a whole meeting just using the keyboard.

Command Guru introduces Meetings for Mac in Private Beta - Join us

Jul 07, 2012 - Italian software house Command Guru releases its first major application, Meetings for Mac in Private Beta. Subscribe to be among the firsts to try a new way to organize and take minutes of your next meeting and help the team improving the app before submitting it to the Mac App Store. With Meetings for Mac you can organize all the important items of your next meeting or take detailed minutes of each one you are involved in. Add Locations, set time, duration and date in a snap.

Command Guru releases new version of Sally Park

Jan 04, 2012 - Command Guru srl today announces Sally Park 2.0.1, an update to their popular car finder app for iPhone. Sally Park 2.0 maintains the same awesome design with new and surprising functions. Set the new Parking Meter to receive notification before the time is up, and easily add a photo and notes to help you remember the floor or section. Use the Map and Compass to beat any urban jungle and find your car. Sally Park is offered at a special launch price for the first two weeks.

Command Guru releases Arloy 1.5 - Now with Sharing Map

Nov 21, 2011 - Command Guru announces the new version of Arloy 1.5.2 is a powerful instrument magnificently planned that allows you to see weather information of your current location directly from your iPhone. The new version available in the App store, adds the Sharing Map, that shows you the weather conditions shared by other users. Share "your weather" around the world... literally! Choose from 4 available themes, Dark, Led, Nocturnal Led and Balloon, to personalize your user experience.

Command Guru announces the creation of Command Guru Labs

Oct 24, 2011 - Command Guru, a group dedicated to the development of excellent productivity apps, have now expanded to include Command Guru Labs, a creative workshop where the group's developers can give free rein to their ideas and create side projects. At Command Guru Labs you will find new versions of Sally Park for iPhone and Headline for Mac to be unveiled in the next few days. Command Guru will continue to update and support all their Apps.

iCloud Petition - save your favorite features from MobileMe

Sep 15, 2011 - To let Apple save the most popular features from MobileMe, Command Guru has just launched the iCloud Petition. Anyone can check the services they would like to see integrated within iCloud and contribute to construct enough feedback, thus helping develop second thoughts at the Cupertino summit.

Command Guru releases Arloy 1.0 - Powerful Weather Instrument

Dec 15, 2010 - Command Guru today announces Arloy 1.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Arloy is a powerful instrument that shows you the weather information, the time and the weather forecast for the following five days in a completely automatic fashion, with 3 different skins to choose from. Arloy features brilliant animations, with 3 Themes to choose from. The application allows the user to quickly update their status on Facebook or Twitter, and more.

Command Guru Organizes First iPhone Reality Show Event

Nov 18, 2009 - Command Guru today announces the first iPhone Reality Show live streaming event, starting December 6 thru 12, 2009. Broadcast live from BigRock headquarters, Cocoa guru Aaron Hillegass will lead a team of ten international developers with the goal to develop a new iPhone application in 7 days from start-to-publish on the App Store. The new iPhone app be a free and open source, sexy social network application. So that everybody can contribute, live interaction with the Developers via Twitter.