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Introducing Proof+Geist

Feb 10, 2021 - The Proof Group and Geist Interactive, two longtime Claris partners, have joined forces to form Proof+Geist. Proof+Geist designs, builds, and orchestrates systems for teams who want to do great things and unlocks the full potential of the Claris Platform by providing an integrated suite of design and development services, hosting, tools, and products.

Co-Founder and CEO of Proof Joins Claris Partner Council

Sep 30, 2020 - Ernest Koe, Co-Founder and CEO of Proof, has joined the Claris Partner Council, a collaborative effort between the Claris Executive Team and selected Claris Partners from the Claris FileMaker community to advance the long-term mutual growth and success of both the Claris FileMaker platform and the Claris FileMaker community.

Proof Welcomes John Bylancik as Director of Engagements

Sep 29, 2020 - Proof has welcomed John Bylancik as Director of Engagements. He will oversee sales, marketing, and communications operations at Proof and will focus on assuring that each of Proof's clients receive the unparalleled support, strategic planning, and ongoing consultation that has made Proof an industry-leading technology company with a legacy of designing, building, and orchestrating systems for organizations who want to do great things.

Proof Announces Launch of fmEZcharts, A Chart & Dashboard Creation Tool

Aug 08, 2019 - The Proof Group and NorthEast DataBase Solutions announces the first official community edition version of fmEZcharts, a chart and dashboard tool for Claris FileMaker. Over a year in the making, the newest version of fmEZcharts offers a tighter, cleaner look and feel, with improved functionality and usability. It includes new features like the ability to pick themes, colors, and data sets, as well as a larger selection of ready-to-go charts.