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SnakeHead Software Hires Drew Moynihan as Senior Vice President

Mar 04, 2013 - Austin based SnakeHead Software, LLC today announces the recent hire of Drew Moynihan, who will join the SnakeHead team as Senior Vice President. Moynihan's background in the tech and mobile development startup industry will help SnakeHead continue to grow and expand its leadership role within the mobile development industry. Moynihan's focus will be working with Snakeheads' new acquisition Agile Poet in Operation and New Business Development roles.

SnakeHead Software Acquires Agile Poet, MobileCheckout Online

Feb 28, 2013 - SnakeHead Software, LLC, the developer of iPhone runaway hit games like, Air Assault, Flying Aces, and Texas Tea, announces that it has acquired Agile Poet, LLC, a software and mobile development firm with over 15 years of experience in the industry. The acquisition of Agile Poet, MobileCheckout online and iPhoneDevelopers online gives SnakeHead a firm footing in non-game App Development.

Name That iPad Game Contest!

Nov 14, 2011 - Snakehead Software has been developing a new iPad game that takes music from your personal library and turns it into a futuristic motorcycle racing game. The only problem? We don't have a name for it. If you come up with the winning name for our game, we'll give you an iPod touch. You'll probably need to know more about the new iPad game (soon to be released on android as well) before you come up with the winning name, so let's start there.

SnakeHead Releases Image Packs, Previously Banned by Apple

Dec 17, 2009 - SnakeHead Software has announced iBop Image Packs, add-ons to their iBop application for the iPhone and iPod touch which were previously removed due to rejection by Apple "[because it contains content that ridicules public figures]". The Image Packs contain caricatures of public figures such as President Obama, President Bush, Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton and several other "public figures".

SnakeHead Software Releases Air Assault Game for iPhone and Touch

Dec 11, 2009 - SnakeHead Software, LLC today announces Air Assault 1.0, a game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Air Assault plays on today's social-political roles and puts you in the middle of the action in Afghanistan. Shoot down helicopters, paratroopers, jets and bombers with an anti-air gun as well as use mortar fire to destroy enemy tanks and soldiers. Have fun with polished game play, fantastic graphics and sound as well as a realistic story line.

SnakeHead Software Announces Texas Tea Update for iPhone and Touch

Dec 11, 2009 - SnakeHead Software today announced Texas Tea 1.2, an update to their puzzle game iPhone and iPod touch. Texas Tea is a unique game that mixes elements of strategy and gambling. Match dice combination's by building poker hands in a row to turn the tiles behind the matched dice to black. Easy for players to pick up and play whenever they have a spare moment, yet enough of a challenge to keep the most seasoned puzzlers and gamblers engaged.