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Funky Visions releases Buttermilk - The Bouncing Baby Goat for iOS

Mar 21, 2013 - Funky Visions today introduces Buttermilk - The Bouncing Baby Goat 1.0 for iOS. The game is based on the goat Buttermilk Sky, an Internet sensation that has been seen by over 8 million viewers on YouTube. You control Buttermilk as she runs around the farm jumping over goats and eating oats. Designed for both kids and parents alike, the game offers lots of bright colors and funky sounds will keep you and your kids entertained for hours of fun. Compete against your friends on Game Center as well.

Funky Visions has released Jiggle Balls HD 1.0 for iPad

Aug 30, 2010 - Funky Visions today released Jiggle Balls HD 1.0, their new entertainment app for the iPad. Jiggle Balls HD comes with plenty of ball bouncing sound effects and many ball types to choose from. Select your ball type, size, weight, bounciness, and stickiness. Then play around with the world physics by changing the gravity and rotating your device. Specifically designed for the iPad, Jiggle Balls HD includes better graphics, more sounds, ball types, backgrounds, and a whole new menu system.

Funky Visions releases Tramp Stamp 1.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch

Feb 18, 2010 - Funky Visions today announced Tramp Stamp 1.0, their new game for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Much like Doodle Jump and Hook Champ introduced new game play mechanics, Tramp Stamp introduces trampolines. You control a bouncing ball by tilting your device. The twist? You're bouncing off a trampoline to stamp boxes! Tramp Stamp features simple controls with progressively harder game play, varying game stategy, and OpenFeint highscores, achievements, and social network.

Funky Visions releases Jiggle Balls: Spikes! for iPhone and iPod Touch

Nov 23, 2009 - Funky Visions today is proud to announce Jiggle Balls: Spikes! 1.0, the follow-up game to their Top 100 App "Jiggle Balls" for iPhone and iPod touch. In Jiggle Balls: Spikes!, you control SPIKEY the big purple ball. Smash the JIGGLE BALLS before time expires. With 25 levels to challenge you, each level has new puzzles and obstacles to overcome. Continue from the last level completed or retry any level. Challenge your friends to start from the first level and see how far they can get.