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Chronosoft Pro turns the iPhone into a Pro Level, Industrial Stopwatch

Feb 20, 2012 - FDBI has released Chronosoft Pro 1.3, its professional level sports-based timing application for iPhone and iPod touch. Chronosoft Pro offers a much-faster and more efficient method of timing and displaying results with digital minute format. By using Chronosoft in the work place, recorded times are saved by using the built-in Chronosoft SQL database. Timing session data is exported through email. An enclosed file contains the data within a text delimited format.

FDBI releases Chronosoft 1.0.1 - New free timing application for iPhone

Dec 02, 2009 - FDBI has released Chronosoft 1.0.1, a new free timing app for iPhone and iPod touch. If you have more than one person or event to time, if you need split times, then Chronosoft is meant for you. It has been specifically written to be fully effective with its interface. Chronosoft takes full advantage of FDBI's experiment in timing activities and can be used in various situations. Chronosoft is also efficient in every field of activity involving timing whether it be within industry, Lab, etc.