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M Cubed Software releases Code Collector Pro 1.2

Mar 15, 2008 - M Cubed Software has released Code Collector Pro 1.2, the latest version of its flagship application, and the launch of Code Collector Pro allows users to organise, use and share snippets of code they would otherwise have lying around their computer. New in version 1.2 is integration with for sharing snippets online, an improved source list, snippet locking and enhanced drag and drop support.

M Cubed Software releases Code Collector Pro 1.1

Dec 05, 2007 - M Cubed Software announces the release of Code Collector Pro 1.1, an update to its application for storing snippets of code in one handy and easily-accessible place. New features include quick access to snippets via the menu bar, adding new snippets from any application and a revamped syntax colouring engine with improved speed and accuracy.

M Cubed Software releases Minim 1.2

Nov 21, 2007 - M Cubed Software released an update to its music management application, Minim 1.2. Minim is the music and podcast management app that lets content creators manage their creativity. Designed from the ground up to help those who create content keep it organised, Minim allows users to load their content with metadata and lyrics, show notes and manage their associated files. V1.2 offers improved file management, a new search bar and integration with GarageBand and WonderWarp Software's SimpleChord.