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mPrometheus 1.0 for iOS - 3-Frequency Color Organ with Moving Lights

Jan 02, 2013 - BSoft today introduces mPrometheus 1.0 for iOS, its 3-frequency color organ with moving lights. Offering automatic or manual sensitivity settings, red, green, and blue lights flash with the music's bass, midrange, and treble sounds. Unlike most other color organs, mPrometheus determines the beat of the music and moves columns, rows, and clusters of circular lights in unpredictable patterns in time with the music. Ideal for parties, or music listening, the app employs the iDevice's built-in mic.

Q-Joops 1.1 for iOS: Classic, Rolling Balls, Skill/Dexterity Puzzle Game

Oct 17, 2012 - BSoft & Alex Land today announce Q-Joops 1.1 for iOS, an update to their puzzle game that takes the classic, handheld, dexterity game to a new level of sophistication. The object is to maneuver the smiling, happy balls into the white holes by tilting the iDevice so each rolls permanently into a hole. All balls roll and collide realistically, constrained by the edges of the screen. Challenges include stationery black holes and rolling angry balls that swallow up happy balls, ending gameplay.

MemoTrainer 1.0 for Mac OS X - Memory training and development

Feb 05, 2012 - BSoft introduces MemoTrainer 1.0, its new memory training and development program for Mac OS X. Do the seemingly easy exercise on the regular basis. Featuring a simple and user-friendly interface, with MemoTrainer players push buttons in the determined order and to try to do it in the shortest possible time. The program determines the time for exercise completion and the number of possible mistakes. Brainiacs can advance into "Professional" mode to increase their memory capacity even more.

TasteOfWind 1.0 for iPad - ebook of Traveling and Fishing in Mongolia

Jan 31, 2012 - BSoft today introduces TasteOfWind 1.0 for iPad, their 62-page ebook especially for connoisseurs of exciting fishing, primitive nature, and extreme travel. Featuring nearly 200 photos that can be displayed fullscreen, a text narrative, and optional quiz questions through all seven chapters, TasteOfWind is written in lively, dynamic language. The ebook, written by Alex Land, contains his first-person narrative and powerful photos of Mongolia's native Yurts, mountains, lakes, snow, and fishing.

MoneyMeter 1.0 released for iOS - How much cash can be placed in a truck

Mar 31, 2011 - BSoft today introduces MoneyMeter 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch. MoneyMeter is a unique iOS program for the definition of dimensions and weight of cash in bills. Featuring a simple interface, just select the desired amount of money and type id bill in Dollars, Euro or Roubles. The size, weight and type of containers are determined automatically. Calculation is made for new papers. For real papers it is necessary to do the amendment towards increase.

Soviet Memo Trainer 1.1 - Memory trainer device for military in USSR

May 19, 2010 - BSoft has released Soviet Memo Trainer 1.1 for iPhone and iPod touch. Soviet Memo Trainer is replica of Soviet military train memory device. Memo Trainer M27961 is designed to train the memory of Soviet pilots, cosmonauts and KGB agents. The device automatically detect the number of errors and time assignment on indicator.

BSoft releases iDictMusic 1.0 - Music dictionary for iPhone

Apr 30, 2010 - BSoft has released iDictMusic 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch - Music dictionary for iPhone. iDictMusic is a dictionary of musical terms contains the most common terms in field of classical music. This dictionary will be useful to students of musical schools, colleges, musicians, and everyone who enjoys music.

BSoft releases iVibrometer 1.2 for iPhone - Vibration Measuring Device

Apr 09, 2010 - Russian company BSoft has released iVibrometer 1.2, a real vibration measuring device for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. iVibrometer is a simple vibration measuring device using the built-in accelerometer inside the iPhone and iPod touch. The 3-channel accelerometer has a sensitivity of approximately 0.02g and a range of +/-2g making the iPhone and iPod touch sensitive to evaluate vibration of most moving machinary and other fields.

BSoft releases DreamsGuide 1.0 - Dreams Interpretation Book for iPhone

Jan 10, 2010 - BSoft has released DreamsGuide 1.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch devices. DreamsGuide is a pocket Miller's dream book. Miller's dream book is currently the most complete and accurate existing. DreamsGuide contains 1,269 entries covering more than 10000 dreams for a variety of objects and phenomena that surround us. DreamsGuide will help you correctly explain dreams and can make a remarkable discovery, which sometimes come to us in a dream.