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Fly and Swim around Caribbean Sea with Rasty Pelican - New Game for OS X

Jan 27, 2014 - baKno Games today introduces Rasty Pelican 1.0.1, their new desktop game for OS X. Players control Rasty the Pelican by flying and swimming around the Caribbean sea. In addition to avoiding different obstacles like fishing boats and palm tree islands, Rasty must avoid natural dangers like sharks and whales while maintaining his energy and oxygen levels. Collecting as many coins as possible, players can help Rasty restore his energy with by capturing fish.

baKno Releases Charts - The Ultimate 3D Charting Tool for Businesses

Apr 19, 2012 - Game developer baKno Games today announces Charts, its new charting tool for Mac OS X. Charts creates eye catching animated charts that can be exported as images or loopable movies. It offers eight types of charts including the usual bars and pies, most of them accepting multidimensional data. All charts are rendered as a 3D scene in which many parameters be customized, such as the background color, light color and intensity, optional shadows or reflections, data titles and additional text.

baKno Releases Motorbike - Realistic Bike Skills Game With Extreme Fun

May 13, 2011 - Game developer baKno Games announces new casual motorcycle skills game full of action and real physics dynamics. Motorbike offers a great number of original tracks, the ability to load a growing number of online tracks, and baKno's own track editor to create custom tracks. Special detail was placed when designing the physics interactions between obstacles, bike and pilot, all complemented with nice sounds and effects. Motorbike was developed to provide a blast gaming experience.

baKno Releases Unlocker 1.2.0 - Free Utility Unlocks New Mac & PC Games

Apr 06, 2010 - Florida based baKno today releases Unlocker 1.2.0, an update to its free utility which automatically unlocks trial versions of games for the Mac or PC after purchase from its online store. The free Unlocker utility saves the customer all the time and trouble of entering a User ID and Key Code, required to go from limited to full game functionality. They need only click the link contained in their purchase confirmation email, and Unlocker automatically and permanently unlocks their new game.

baKno releases new Solitaire game for Mac and Windows

Dec 23, 2009 - Florida based game developer baKno today announces baKno Solitaire, a stylish new game for Mac and Windows. baKno Solitaire is a collection of the most popular solitaire games, with beautiful handcrafted card sets that are showcased and controlled in a 3D view with easy manipulation, board rotation and zoom. It includes some all-time favorites, such as Klondike, Freecell, Spider, Cruel and Canfield. Gamers can choose from five different card sets.

baKno launches Island Racer - Featuring Online Races and Infinite Tracks

Oct 02, 2009 - baKno today announces Island Racer, their new online racing game. Island Racer features innovative, randomly generated landscapes and tracks, and endless racing options for solo or competitive play. Players select from different cars and colors to race in head-to-head competition. Gamers will find Island Racer easy to play and full of exhilarating moments. The game also features original music and voice-overs created by Edward Melendez.

baKno Games releases PunkTrader 1.0 - Stock Trading Game

May 22, 2009 - baKno Games today is proud to announce the release of PunkTrader 1.0, a stock trading game that allows to test any gamer's trading skills on real historical stock market price movements. PunkTrader randomly picks one of the 20 most actively traded stocks and takes the gamer to 9:30 am Wall-Street time at the beginning of a random trading day within the last 5 years. Once the game starts, the gamer battles against the price movements of the stock by buying and selling shares.

baKno launches innovative Monthly Subscription Service for Gaming

May 08, 2009 - Game development studio baKno today announces their new subscription service offering fun and challenging online games for all ages and a new way for gamers to enjoy unlimited play of its games for Mac and Windows. Gamers can play all 15 baKno games with unlimited functionality for one low monthly price. baKno's new Subscription Service provides a low-cost, recession-busting alternative to purchasing multiple Licenses or Game Coins for individual games.

baKno releases new Xplorer hide-and-seek game for Mac and Windows

Oct 08, 2008 - Game developer baKno announces release of vibrant new hide-and-seek adventure, Xplorer, complete with original music and detailed graphics. Players work against the clock to find a randomly generated list of objects in ten progressively challenging quests around the globe.