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MacMate makes it easy with all-new online Web Builder

Feb 24, 2017 - UK-based tech company, MacMate today launches its brand new online Web Builder (v3.1). Re-engineered to give small businesses the opportunity to build a full-featured and professional online site within their web browser using point-and-click designs and layout blocks. Users can choose from a selection of over 3000 theme and palette combinations and add useful features like maps, contact forms and even a fully-featured shop module with just a few clicks and no extra charges.

MacMate puts Time Machine in the cloud

Nov 05, 2014 - MacMate today announces the addition of Time Machine backup to its versatile cloud disk solution to enable easy cloud-based backup of entire Macs. Users can use the cloud space using traditional methods and apps that support FTP, SFTP, WebDav and native AFP, allowing the customer to use the disk from a variety of their favorite apps. It's the only cloud backup solution that allows this and brings enterprise-level offsite backup capability to consumer and small businesses.

MacMate goes Free with 10GB Cloud Storage for Mac

Aug 01, 2013 - Popular Mac-friendly cloud service, MacMate today announced they have revamped their packages and now offer a free 10GB Disk version, which pits their service directly with other popular cloud services like Dropbox & Google Drive. MacMate Disk also includes its easy-to-use filesharing feature with upgrade options right up to 2TB, as well as a free iOS App for accessing your files on the move. MacMate is designed to be simple to use, with familiar drag-and-drop for uploading & downloading files.

MacMate Now Includes Filesharing for Large Files

Feb 27, 2013 - MacMate, the Mac cloud storage and hosting service, which launched to replace Apple's MobileMe service in 2012, has added its sixth key feature into the growing MacMate cloud service: FileSharing, the ability to easily send any file, any size, to anyone. With a few clicks, users can drag or select a file to share, add a message and send securely. The service is available from just $29.00 USD per year allowing Mac users to share their cloud more easier than ever.

MacMate takes on Google, Dropbox and Microsoft with MacMate Disk

Oct 25, 2012 - MacMate, which rocketed to success in April when it launched as an Apple MobileMe replacement, has announced the first major update since June: adding Calendar sharing, an iOS App, introducing two new packages and increasing the storage on its current Pro version to a whopping 25gig. As a viable alternative for many users looking at cloud-disk services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft's SkyDrive services, MacMate delivers an easier, simpler, powerful solution with more added features.

iWeb SEO problem solved by MacMate

Oct 12, 2012 - MacMate, the popular MobileMe and iDisk replacement launched in April this year has added an innovative feature to the hosting part of its service: SEO injectors which insert Title, Description and Keyword tags at the server level. This overcomes a problem iWeb users have had since Apple launched iWeb and MobileMe and has left its users searching for hard-to-understand alternatives and hacks.

MacMate Adds Gallery Online Photo Sharing Feature

Jul 02, 2012 - MacMate, the popular multi-use cloud service for Mac users, has introduced its much anticipated Galleries feature into it's service. MacMate launched in April as a MobileMe replacement service for Mac users searching for a place to continue hosting their iWeb websites, replace their iDisk cloud storage functionality and email services. MacMate now includes Galleries - the easiest way to create online photo galleries for users to share online with family and friends.

MacMate launched to replace Apple's MobileMe

Apr 24, 2012 - The acclaimed Mac specialist ISP MacAce launches it's new MacMate service; web hosting, cloud storage and email in one easy-to-use package. MacMate is designed as a replacement for Apple's MobileMe service which Apple are discontinuing on June 30th. MacMate's hosting capability allows multiple domains and one-click publishing from iWeb as well as drag-and-drop or FTP access to the webspace. The MacMate disk sits on the users desktop just like a real disk.

Web building: Sit back, relax, and Make it Easy

Nov 30, 1999 - MacMate, the ever-popular cloud service for Mac users, have announced three major updates and releases to their packages. Web Builder Live, Wordpress M3, as well as increasing features across all the packages. Along with the launch of Web Builder Live and Wordpress M3, MacMate have enhanced all three packages with extra features, and more cloud space. Web Builder Live is included free on all MacMate packages. Now everyone can create a free website.