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Intego Updates the Mac Security Blog

May 20, 2010 - Austin based Intego today updated the Mac Security Blog, a Mac-centric blog focused on security. With a new, simpler look, and improved functionality, Intego has given an overhaul to the only blog that covers Mac security exclusively. The Mac Security Blog has no ads, offers an RSS feed, a powerful search function, and a tag cloud to find the most popular topics. Topics include discoveries of new malware and threats to Mac users, Apple security updates, and much more.

Intego Security Memo - HellRTS

Apr 16, 2010 - Austin based Intego has discovered a new variant of a malware for Mac, called HellRTS. When installed on computers running Mac OS X, HellRTS opens a backdoor that allows remote users to take control of infected Macs and perform actions on them. Intego identifies this backdoor as OSX/HellRTS.D, a variant of an early Mac OS X malware first spotted in 2004. HellRTS is built in RealBasic and a Universal Binary able to run on both PowerPC- and Intel-Based Macs.

Intego Releases VirusBarrier Server 3

Apr 12, 2010 - Austin based Intego today announces VirusBarrier Server 3, the latest version of its robust anti-malware and network protection software for Macs running as servers. With the best anti-malware protection available for Mac, and powerful network protection features, VirusBarrier Server 3 now provides comprehensive protection from both malware and network threats. VirusBarrier Server 3 includes a two-way firewall, anti-intrusion, network protection features and more.

Intego Updates VirusBarrier X6 to Scan the Apple iPad

Apr 07, 2010 - Austin based Intego today announced VirusBarrier X6 10.6.5, a free maintenance update to its acclaimed anti-malware and network protection tool. In addition to improving performance and reliability, VirusBarrier X6 now scans iPads for malware and malicious files. VirusBarrier X6 was the first anti-malware program to scan iPhones and iPod touches, and is now the first to scan the iPad. In addition to iPad compatibility, version 10.6.5 adds many new features.

Intego Announces New Edible Packaging

Apr 01, 2010 - Austin based Macintosh security specialist Intego today announced that the company's packaging materials will now be made from organically-grown, edible materials. Using rice- and soy-based packaging, and vegetable-based inks, all of Intego's boxes will be derived from organic raw materials, and will be edible. By introducing edible packaging, Intego is taking a major step forward as the process of eating packaging greatly reduces the environmental impact of the company's products.

Intego Releases Washing Machine 2

Mar 21, 2010 - Austin based Mac security specialist Intego has announced the release of Washing Machine 2, a program that cleans up files left behind by web browsers and other Internet programs. Optimized for Snow Leopard, Washing Machine 2 helps Mac users delete files, which take up space or present privacy risks, created by a number of programs that access the Internet. Users can clean files quickly, manually or automatically, and use secure cleaning to ensure that the files can never be recovered.

Intego Releases VirusBarrier X6 Dual Protection

Mar 10, 2010 - Austin based Intego today announced VirusBarrier X6 Dual Protection, featuring the latest version of its acclaimed anti-malware and network security software together with BitDefender Antivirus 2010 so Mac users can protect their Windows installations. The latest version of Intego's anti-malware and network security program includes new threat-detection techniques, improved methods of detection, combined detection protocols, proactive behavioral analysis, and a full range of defensive functions.

Intego Releases VirusBarrier X6 - Much More than Just an Antivirus

Jan 13, 2010 - Intego today announced VirusBarrier X6, the latest version of its acclaimed antivirus and anti-malware software for mac OS X. VirusBarrier X6 now provides comprehensive protection from both malware and network threats. VirusBarrier X6 is the only antivirus program for Mac that includes full antivirus and anti-malware protection together with a two-way firewall, network protection, anti-phishing, anti-spyware features and more.

Intego Security Memo: iPhone Worm Creates Botnet - Copies Personal Data

Nov 30, 2009 - Intego has released an important November 23, 2009 Security Memo. For the third time this month, malware targeting the iPhone has surfaced. The first such malware changed wallpaper on iPhones, and the second harvested personal data from iPhones. This new malware, that Intego calls iBotnet.A, is by far the most sophisticated iPhone malware yet: it is not only a worm, capable of spreading across a network, but also hijacks iPhones or iPod touches for use in a botnet.