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Create a Congressional Scandal with Fake-A-Message

Jun 30, 2011 - Minneapolis based Excelltech today releases Fake-A-Message 2.0 for iOS, an update to their social networking app that allows users to setup and receive fake text and multimedia messages. The fake text message is summoned at the press of a button or at a pre determined time. Users of Fake-A-Message are finding numerous ways to put the app to good use. Some use it for entertainment, shocking friends with salacious pictures from former Congressmen or shamed athletes.

Talk to the Dead? There's an App for That

Apr 11, 2011 - Excelltech's Paranormal Recorder for iOS uses the raw magnetic data from the device's digital compass to trigger audio recording, revolutionizing the hunt for ghostly communications. Paranormal Recorder only records audio when the electromagnetic fields around the device fall outside of normal limits. With version 3.11 of Paranormal Recorder these recordings can finally be shared and scrutinized by investigators and skeptics alike at the audio sharing site SoundCloud.

iPhone Users Teleport by Text with the New Fake-a-Location App

May 11, 2010 - Excelltech Mobile has released Fake-A-Location 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Fake-A-Location frees users from the burden of being constantly tracked by their cell phone's GPS system. It allows users to pinpoint a place using Google Maps, and send it in a text or email message as their "current location." The precise street address, latitude and longitude, and included Google Maps link of the selected location will fool all but the most suspicious of recipients.

Excelltech's new iPhone Alarm Clock App Announces Time When Asked

Mar 23, 2010 - South Dakota based Excelltech Mobile today announces Wake Up Now? - Alarm Clock 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Wake Up Now? - Alarm Clock aims to help light sleepers get a good nights rest. The application allows a user to set how loud of a sound sets off the time announcement, choose an alarm from their music library or provided classic alarm noises, and navigate through the settings with an intuitive easy to use interface.

Fake-A-Call Saves Two Million from Awkward Situations

Feb 02, 2010 - Excelltech Mobile today releases Fake-A-Call Free 3.01, their free app for iPhone and iPod touch. Fake-A-Call allows users to activate a fake phone call immediately or at a preset time. It can be used as an excuse to get out of uneasy situations or simply trick friends with its realistic conversations. Set an iPhone to "call" itself at any time and initiate four preset conversations or custom recordings. An array of advanced settings leaves users able to completely emulate an actual phone call.

Cured by the Cause: iPhone App Relieves Ear Ringing with Noise

Jan 06, 2010 - Excelltech Mobile today releases Ringing Relief 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Ringing Relief lets tinnitus sufferers choose from one of many hum sounds which when listened to for 90 seconds should help cure persistent ringing. Ringing Relief serves to help concert goers should they forget their earplugs and others who encounter an unexpected noise that keeps their ears ringing.