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Flux 2 gets new Javascript Capabilities with Screencast Tutorial

Feb 25, 2010 - UK based The Escapers today announce Flux 2, an update to their flagship web design application for Mac OS X. Flux is an incredibly advanced WYSIWYG web design application, which uses drag and drop to create amazing websites, that aren't just restricted to pre-set templates. The latest release of Flux 2 includes dedicated support for jQuery and MooTools. The Escapers have also produced a tutorial screencast on creating an animated menu using jQuery.

The Escapers release Flux 2 - Leaves Beta

Feb 01, 2010 - UK based The Escapers today announced Flux 2, their web design application for Mac OS X. After a long beta development period, Flux 2 from The Escapers has left it's beta status behind. To celebrate leaving beta status, The Escapers have relaunched their whole website and created new blogs where future directions of Flux will be discussed. Flux 2 is a WYSIWYG design environment, but you can hand crank code too.

The Escapers update Flux and Stuf for Snow Leopard

Sep 16, 2009 - The Escapers today are delighted to announce that both Flux and Stuf are now fully Snow Leopard compatible. Flux is an incredibly advanced WYSIWYG web design application, which uses drag and drop to create amazing websites, that aren't just restricted to pre-set templates. Stuf is a Bonjour enabled clipboard manager, which lets you share clippings over your local network. Stuf can also record your clipboard and is available when using any application using a systemwide keyboard shortcut.

The Escapers release Flux 2 Public Beta - Web Design Application

May 05, 2009 - The Escapers today are proud to release Flux 2 to the public, marking the end of development of Flux 1.x and the beginning of a new phase of development for the flagship Flux web design application. Flux 2 is the culmination of a huge amount of user feedback and contribution and this release marks the start of a new chapter of development. Flux 2 incorporates a wealth of changes in every aspect of the application from rendering, to publishing to code editing.

The Escapers release Stuf for Mac OS X

Oct 20, 2008 - The Escapers have release their brand new product - Stuf. Stuf is a power-user's clipboard manager which not only allows users to categorize all their clippings, but also share them over their local network. Stuf puts a menu on the right of your Mac's menu bar, letting you paste into any app directly from Stuf.

The Escapers release first iPhone/iPod Touch game

Sep 15, 2008 - The Escapers are proud to announce Super Chimp Surprise!, their addictive new puzzle game for iPhone/iPod Touch. Super Chimp Surprise! leverages many features of the iPhone to make the best gaming experience possible, and unlike some iPhone games, your progress is saved if you switch applications. Super Chimp Surprise! uses cool sound effects and funky graphics to make journeys to work a little less boring.

The Escapers release Flux 1.4

Aug 31, 2008 - The Escapers is proud to announce the release of Flux 1.4, the latest version of their flagship web design application. Featuring a revised user interface, and many tweaks and fixes, version 1.4 serves as the foundation for the future of Flux. Flux 1.4 includes many user-requested improvements, bug fixes and UI enhancements. It now supports Komodo as an external editor, and speed improvements.

Escapers introduces Shadow Clipboard Utility

Aug 31, 2008 - The Escapers announces the release of Shadow into public beta, it's brand new clipboard utility which makes your clipboards available over networks. Shadow is a new Mac utility for managing multiple clipboard items, in as many clipboards as the user desires. Clipboards can be shared over the local network, either for everyone to use, or password protected. Shadow is ideal for any power Mac user who needs a multiple clipboard item manager.

Flux 1.25 now available

May 12, 2008 - Flux 1.25 is now available with support for Ruby on Rails. With this new release of Flux, The Escapers have solidified Flux's Ruby on Rails integration, and added many user-requested features. Not only has the Rails support been improved, but Flux now handles PHP and JSP code in a new way which make Flux much more flexible for high-end Java projects and complex PHP-based pages.