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Scott Lorenz is President of Westwind Communications, a public relations and marketing firm that has a special knack for working with individuals and entrepreneurs to help them get all the publicity they deserve and more. Lorenz has handled public relations and marketing for numerous iPhone App developers, authors, doctors, lawyers, inventors and entrepreneurs. Learn more about Westwind iPhone App Publicity at the web site or contact Lorenz directly.
How to Market and Promote Your iPhone App

Jun 02, 2010 - By the latest count, there are 200,000 iPhone applications alone available for sale at Apple's App Store since its June 2007 debut. This equates to an astounding pace of 182 new apps a day. Experts now conclude the explosive popularity of iPhone and iPad will dramatically expand this number even more in the years to come. For every iPhone developer who surges to success, there are thousands with their apps who do little more than gather 'digital dust' on Apple App shelves.

IcePics 2.0 - iPhone App Could Prevent a Crime and Possibly Save a Life

May 18, 2010 - Independent software developer Jeff Neumeyer today announces IcePics 2.0 for iPhone and iPod touch devices. How can you protect yourself from an attack? Anyone who suspects they are about to become a victim of kidnapping, rape, robbery or assault simply has to point their iPhone at the suspicious person and push the IcePics button on their iPhone. IcePics will email a picture of the bad guy along with the GPS location of that photo instantly to contacts pre-selected by the owner.

52 Ways to Promote Your iPhone App

Mar 17, 2010 - Michigan based Publicist and Internet Marketing Specialist Scott Lorenz has compiled a list of 52 tips on how to promote an iPhone App - tips he garnered from his extensive experience as a public relations professional in promoting all types of products, inventions, books and services. Apple has almost 150,000 iPhone applications available for sale at its App Store and this number will grow exponentially with the growing popularity of the iPhone, iPod and the new iPad.

California Only iPhone App on Pace for 25,000 Downloads

Feb 17, 2010 - Los Angeles based Matt Harrison today announced DIY Democracy 1.1, a new prize-winning iPhone App that places power in the hands of the people is on pace for 25,000 annual downloads. The Do-It-Yourself Democracy application allows users to communicate directly with leaders at local, state and federal levels of government. The new App also won second place in the 2009 University of Southern California Student Innovator Showcase.