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Optimal Layout for Mac - the Ultimate Tool to Manage your App Windows

Jun 29, 2010 - Most Advantageous today announces Optimal Layout, a powerful solution for managing your application windows and making the most of your screen space. Optimized for large and multiple displays, Optimal Layout give you keyboard commands to move, resize, tile and switch between application windows with innovative features. It is perfect for power users and those wanting to keep their hands on the keyboard as they glide through their work.

WindowFlow Beta released for Mac OS X - Organize Your App Windows

Mar 11, 2010 - Independent developer Benedict Lowndes today announces WindowFlow Beta for Mac OS X. WindowFlow provides powerful keyboard commands for organizing your application windows. You can seamlessly move and resize windows which will snap into alignment with each other. WindowFlow's clean and simple interface also acts as a window switcher, allowing you to easily browse all of your open application windows. The beta is available today at a discount for early adopters.