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Chore Pad 1.2.2 - Chore Charts Unleashed for iPhone and iPod touch

Oct 02, 2010 - Nannek today announces Chore Pad 1.2.2 for the iPhone and iPod touch. Previously available for the iPad, Chore Pad is a chore chart application. It replaces traditional charts by showing an intuitive weekly or daily view of chores for the whole family, and provides a reward system to help motivate kids to get their work done. Chore Pad's intuitive interface is easy and fun to use. Look at a full week's worth of chores at a time, or rotate the display to see just what needs to get done today.

Chore Pad - Intelligent Chore Charts on the iPad

Aug 07, 2010 - Nannek today announces Chore Pad 1.0, their new productivity app for iPad. Chore Pad is the iPad's fun, simple and interactive way for you and your family to keep track of your chores and earn rewards. Chore Pad presents a full weekly chore chart to each user, just as you'd get with a traditional paper chore chart, but layered with technology that tallies points, collects stars, presents achievements and manages rewards.

PicoScrum 1.3 available on the iPhone and iPod touch

May 08, 2010 - Nannek recently released PicoScrum 1.3, their easy-to-use task management application for iPhone and iPod touch. PicoScrum helps users break down projects into short-term intervals called Sprints. Rather than setting arbitrary due dates for each Task, PicoScrum lets users discover realistic end-dates for their Projects. Armed with this information, users are able to adjust their schedules and prioritize their tasks in whatever ways are necessary to reach their goals.