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ProCamera 3.0 for iOS - Major Update to Award-Winning, Best-Selling App

Dec 14, 2010 - daemgen today announces ProCamera 3.0 for iOS, a major update to their best-selling camera app. Features include advanced picture optimization, anti-shake image stabilization, still/video compatibility, and an Expert Mode that enables the user to set and lock focus, exposure, and white balance to different areas on the viewfinder. A complete redesign, the update adds Pro FX Studio to turn photos into art, a new Pro Lab to improve picture quality, and Pro Cut Studio for leveling and cropping.

ProCamera 2.95 for iOS Wins Gizmodo Gold Medal as Best Camera App

Nov 12, 2010 - daemgen today announces ProCamera 2.95 for iOS has received top honors, Gold Medal as Best Camera App, from the international technology weblog Gizmodo. In addition to advanced picture optimization, creative adjustments, anti-shake image stabilization, and still/video compatibility, their app was cited for its Expert Mode that enables the user to set and lock focus, exposure, and white balance to different areas on the viewfinder. The apps Hipstamatic and Camera Plus Pro placed second and third.

ProCamera 2.95 for iOS Saves Both Position and Direction Info with Photo

Oct 26, 2010 - Germany-based today announces ProCamera 2.95 for iOS, a major update to its best-selling photography app that now stores both location finding and directional metatags with each photo. A boon for architects, civil engineers, film location scouts, realtors, Feng-Shui and Vastu Shastra consultants, insurance adjusters, and law enforcement, the user may now save the exact GPS location from which the photo was taken, plus the precise compass direction in which the camera was pointed.

ProCamera Update Appeals To Pro And Casual iPhone Users

Aug 31, 2010 - Daemgen today announces ProCamera 2.9, an update to its popular camera app for iPhone devices. ProCamera allows iPhone users to get the best out of the iPhone camera. With useful features missing in the system Camera app, users are able to use the best camera, the one that's always with them, without limitations. Version 2.9 introduces the Easy Expert Mode with advanced focus/exposure control and real-time white balance adjustment and much more.

iCademy 1.1 Released - Discover Your iPhone

Aug 05, 2010 - today announces iCademy 1.1, a new iPhone application dedicated to enhance the iPhone user experience by providing valuable instructions, tips and tricks. The basis for this iPhone guide is a thoroughly thought through eLearning system based on easy to grasp lessons presented on flashcards. iCademy guides beginners through basic hardware and software lessons. All important and time-saving features as well as all preinstalled apps are explained.

Da Vinci's Golden Mean in iPhone Photography

Apr 23, 2010 - today announced ProCamera 2.7, an update to their leading European application for iPhone Photography. ProCamera enables users to utilize their iPhone without limitations, transforming it into a high-end digital camera with full-resolution picture processing and the ease of a snapshot-camera. A hybrid of German product quality and next-generation technology, allowing to take full advantage of all the iPhone's camera capabilities.

ProCamera Snaps! The American Market

Feb 19, 2010 - Jens Daemgen today announced that ProCamera 2.6, the leading European solution for the iPhone camera has now been released to the American marketplace. ProCamera is an advanced iPhone photography application that adds greater functionality and possibilities to the iPhone, by taking full advantage of all hardware and software resources. For the first time, there is an all-in-one camera app for iPhone users. With usability as intuitive as you would expect from an iPhone application.