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Talking Roby the Robot released for iPhone and iPad

Nov 01, 2010 - Outfit7 Ltd. today released Talking Roby the Robot 1.0, their second free "talking" app for iOS. Roby is a talking, hip-hop dancing robot, who is able to speak words and sentences that the user types on his/her keyboard. He can also repeat anything the user says into the device with a unique robo voice. Talking Roby the Robot is different from other talking apps because it features text to speech in addition to speech detection. It features funny animations of Roby's reactions, and more.

Talking Larry the Bird released for iPhone and iPad

Aug 02, 2010 - Outfit7 Ltd. today releases Talking Larry the Bird 1.0 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Talking Larry the Bird features piano keyboard playing, speech detection, entertaining animations, video recording and video sharing. Talking Larry is able to whistle according to the user's keyboard playing, and he also repeats speech with a funny voice. Users can poke him, feed him, strike him with lighting and make him bow and accept applause.

Talking Baby Hippo released for iPhone and iPad

Jul 19, 2010 - Start-up mobile applications company Outfit7 today announces Talking Baby Hippo 1.0, its second talking character app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Talking Baby Hippo is a fun 3D character suitable for children aged 2-7 and for everyone young at heart. Baby Hippo repeats everything a user says with his baby voice. Talking Baby Hippo is available separately as an iPhone or an iPad app and features speech detection, entertaining animations and video recording.

Talking Tom Cat released for iPhone and iPod touch

Jun 29, 2010 - Startup mobile applications company Outfit7 Ltd. today announces Talking Tom Cat 1.0, its free interactive 3D application for iPhone and iPod touch. Talking Tom is a pet cat, who is able to repeat everything a user says into the iPhone or iPod touch with a funny voice. In addition to speech repetition, the application offers fun animations of Talking Tom which are triggered when a user pokes him in the head or belly, pets him, grabs him by his tail, pours milk for him etc.