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Apple's FileMaker partners with

Oct 18, 2013 - Apple's FileMaker, the leader in easy-to-use database software, has partnered with Polish near-shore development provider, to grow its developer community and meet increasing demand for its renowned custom business solutions. The services will be available to both FileMaker Business Alliance members who require additional cost-effective developers and directly to FileMaker customers.

Advanced algorithms provide more natural and human sounding voices

Aug 04, 2008 - Voxpilot, a leader in Interactive Voice and Video Response platforms, and IVO Software, a leading specialist in Text-To-Speech solutions based on self-developed AI algorithms, proudly announce the successful integration of award winning IVONA Text-To-Speech with Voxpilot's Open Media Platform.

Put New Expressivo with e-Books in English on Your iPod

Jun 15, 2008 - Expressivo 1.4 - the latest version of the software that reads books with a beautiful voice - has been launched. Buying the software with the English-speaking voice of Jennifer you also receive a free collection of 50 popular e-books in English. The new Expressivo also comes with an enhanced feature of converting text files into sound. With Expressivo 1.4 you can convert any text file into an MP3 file even 50 percent faster than with the previous version of the application.

IVONA TTS Supports International MRCP Protocol

Apr 27, 2008 - IVO Software has launched a new version of IVONA Telecom TTS supporting the international MRCP protocol used in the biggest telecommunication systems. MRCP is a communication protocol allowing to provide voice services in the client/server architecture. As it has been incorporated into IVONA Telecom this Text-To-Speech system has become one of the few systems of this type that may be easily implemented in the largest call/contact center solutions.

IVONA's Voices On YouTube

Apr 06, 2008 - IVO Software, the manufacturer of IVONA TTS, one of the best text-to-speech systems in the world, has begun a global viral-video campaign promoting IVONA TTS. For the purposes of the campaign IVO has prepared a short, 42 seconds long video which has already won 11 honors in the YouTube Science & Technology category. In this video IVONA TTS introduces itself to the world at the same time encouraging a viewer to test it himself or herself.

Carmen To Conquer Romania

Mar 31, 2008 - As of today everyone may download and use Carmen, the newest voice of IVONA - the Text-To-Speech system considered one of the best in the world. One can test Carmen and other IVONA-generated voices at their website. The website contains also more detailed overview of IVONA-based products and a discussion of their possible applications. Private computer users in turn, can use Carmen or other IVONA's virtual voices with Expressivo.

"A Christmas Carol" on iPod by IVONA TTS

Dec 22, 2007 - Because of the coming Christmas Expressivo - the software that reads any text with the virtual voices of IVONA Text-To-Speech (TTS) system, has now been provided with an additional bonus. It is "A Christmas Carol" by Charles D, where it can be downloaded for free as a PDF file. You can open the PDF file in Expressivo Text-To-Speech Reader and listen to. The ebook can also be saved as a sound file and then played on iPods, iPhones or any other MP3 players.

Jennifer - the Perfect English Voice

Dec 10, 2007 - Jennifer's brand new voice completed just now is already available in all products based on Ivona TTS - one of the best Text-To-Speech (TTS) systems in the world. Also Expressivo, the popular reading software, features the new voice. The new version of Jennifer debuted as part of Expressivo 1.3 - the first application of this type in the world to be fully integrated with iPods. Millions of people using those popular music players can easily and quickly copy audio files to their iPods via iTunes.

iPod Speaks With Ivona's Voices

Nov 02, 2007 - A new version of Expressivo, software capable of reading any text with a human voice, has been launched. Expressivo version 1.3 is the first application of this type in the world to be fully integrated with iPods. Any text read by Expressivo is automatically added to iTunes library as an audio file. With just one mouse click. Expressivo 1.3 makes it also easier to create audiobooks as it has new functions accelerating audio file creation process.