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uDevGames 2011 Mac Game Contest Voting Begins

Oct 03, 2011 - iDevGames invites the Mac community to download and play free Mac games created in the sixth running of the uDevGames Mac game development contest. The contest, now in the voting phase, gives developers three months to create an entire Mac game. With the coding period over, the entire Mac gaming community is invited to play each of them and vote for the "Best Overall Game," which will be announced on October 14.

iDevGames Announces uDevGames 2011 - Biggest Mac Game Dev Contest Ever

Jun 02, 2011 - iDevGames is set to kick off the largest Mac game programming contest on the planet. The sixth running of the uDevGames Mac game development contest is set to begin on July 1st, giving the developers three months to design, create, and polish their games, including all coding, graphics, and sound. The entire Mac gaming community is invited to follow the progress of these games as they are being created, play them when they are finished, and vote for the "Best Overall Game."

Querious - All-New Database Manager Released by makers of Screenflick

Mar 09, 2010 - Araelium Group today released Querious 1.0, its all-new database management application for Mac OS X. Querious includes the ability to view, edit, and search data, manage table schema, indexes, queries, and users for MSQL 5. Direct, SSH, and SSL connections are all supported. Querious has been built from the ground up for Mac OS X, featuring a well-crafted user experience that is both comfortable and manages to stay out of the way of experienced developers and database administrators.

DMG Canvas 2.0 Released - Disk Image Creation and Automation Tool

Feb 23, 2010 - California based Araelium Group today announced DMG Canvas 2.0, an update to its disk image creation application for Mac OS X. DMG Canvas builds disk images from template documents designed using a slick graphical WYSIWYG editor, and allows users to specify the license agreements displayed when the disk image is mounted. Version 2.0 offers advanced background layout with customizable text and image objects, and much more.