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Balance Forecasting 3.0 - Practical Finance for iPhone

Apr 30, 2010 - Connecticut-based independent developer Robert Chitoiu announces Budget, Bills and Balance Forecasting 3.0, an update to his finance app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Designed to provide answers to the many practical "what if" questions which arise in home finance, Balance Forecasting requires the user to simply input their repeating bills and income, and one-time bills and income. The app is then ready to accurately forecast your finances. It now includes optional push reminders.

Balance Forecasting for iPhone - Forecast your Bank Account Balance

Mar 05, 2010 - Norwalk based independent iPhone developer Robert Chitoiu today is pleased to announce the release of Balance Forecasting 2.2 for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Balance Forecasting helps the user be more organized when it comes knowing how much money will be in their account on any given day in the future. At the same time, it provides a simple and streamlined user interface for accomplishing this task.