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Launch day Apple Watch game brings simulation and tech parody to wrist

Apr 22, 2015 - Time Keepers will ship Friday for the Apple Watch, one of the few complete games available at launch. Developed by Third Law Studios, this humorous app has players take the role of tech industry titan Pineapple, Inc. against arch rival Samesong in the smart watch wars. It's a heavily themed, smoothly animated "idle clicker" simulation that achieves feature parity between the watch and phone. Goes live on Friday, April 24th, just in time for the first Apple Watch deliveries.

Bestselling Magic Trick on App Store Lowers Price - Fights For Top Spot

Mar 26, 2010 - Renditions Design today announced that Magic Card, the best selling magic trick on the App Store, is dropping in price in a gambit meant to claim the top position in the highly competitive Entertainment category. The clever iPhone illusion has always been popular with professional magicians, but the recent feature in Apple's New & Noteworthy on iTunes has triggered a 100-fold sales spike. Moving quickly to cement its position as the top trick on the store, iPod support has also been added.

Magic Card 2.0.1 - Clever iPhone Illusion used by Pro Magicians On Sale

Mar 12, 2010 - Washington based Renditions Design today announces Magic Card 2.0.1 for iPhone devices. Magic Card uses a real deck of cards and the iPhone's camera to create the convincing illusion that Apple's amazing device came with the power to see through cards. Although popular with professional magicians, the clever secret is easy enough for anyone to do on their first try. Magic Card was completely re-written to incorporate the latest iPhone OS improvements.