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New Extensive Core Data Programming Video Training Course

Oct 21, 2010 - Learn how to develop with Apple's Core Data for OS X , iPhone and iPad in this new 11 hour video training course presented by Marcus Zarra and Steve Scott as they take you through the basics, move you swiftly into the intermediate and finish up helping you with with a host of advanced subjects as they turn you into a Core Data guru. The course is made up of 28 chapters three of which can be viewed in full on the course page of the iDeveloper TV website.

The Mac Developer Network offers 3 One Day Workshops for Developers

Mar 26, 2009 - On the 15th of April 2009 The Mac Developer Network will be hosting 3 one day Mac developer training workshops in Hatfield Hertfordshire, UK. Each workshop runs from 10am to 5pm and focuses on a single subject for the whole day in a very hands-on way. The workshops on offer are User Interfaces with Mike Lee, Core Data with Marcus Zarra and iPhone Development with Bill Dudney.

MacDev 2009: A European Conference For Mac Developers

Oct 22, 2008 - On the 16th and 17th of April 2009 The Mac Developer Network (MDN) with Steve Scott and Tim Isted will be hosting the UK's only independent Mac Developer Conference, MacDev 2009. The conference is designed for experienced Mac Developers who want to spend 2 days together geeking out while being educated by some of the worlds top Mac Developers. Booking opened to MDN members on the 20th October 2008 and for everyone else on the 1st of November.

The Mac Developer Network releases "Developing Frameworks" video course

Sep 01, 2008 - The Mac Developer Network has added to its video training series for Mac developers by adding a new training course called "Developing and Using Frameworks". The 26 minute video tutorial walks developers through the process of creating reusable framework projects in Xcode and demonstrates everything they need to know to use them either directly in their projects or as shared frameworks.

The Mac Developer Network launches new Xcode Quick Tips screencast

Dec 10, 2007 - Xcode Quick Tips is a new weekly screencast from the Mac Developer Network intended to help Xcode users improve their knowledge of Apples Xcode development environment. Each episode of the short screencast will focus on one small feature in Xcode and demonstrate its use. Xcode Quick Tips will be published by The Mac Developer Network each Monday. An archive of Episode 1 is available for downloading and watching convenience so users can tune in any time.

Late Night Cocoa interviews Scott Stevenson about whats new in Cocoa

Dec 07, 2007 - Late Night Cocoa (LNC) is a twice monthly podcast intended to help Cocoa developers improve their Cocoa skills and to help experienced developers move to Cocoa. Each episode includes an interview with a top developer who shares his experience and know how, with special emphasis on a specific area or topic useful to Cocoa developers. On this latest episode, Late Night Cocoa host Steve Scott (Scotty) interviews Scott Stevenson from Cocoa Dev Central about what's new in Cocoa.

Mac Developer Network releases new business podcast for Mac Developers

Nov 29, 2007 - The Mac Developer Network (MDN) has released a new podcast called "Mac Software Business (MacSB)" The MacSB podcast focuses on the business issues of developing Mac software. The show takes an interview format where the host interviews Mac Developers with solid experience of running a Mac Software Business. The show is hosted by Steve Scott (Scotty) who also hosts the critically acclaimed Late Night Cocoa podcast as well as MDNs new Mac Developer Roundtable Podcast.

The Mac Developer Network provides a new resource for Mac Developers

Nov 27, 2007 - The Mac Developer Network (MDN) is a new website providing developer focused Podcasts, Screencasts, Articles and Tutorials for Mac developers. The Mac Developer Network (MDN) is hoping to become Mac developers first port of call for all things to do with Mac Development. MDN already has a number of podcasts on offer with further podcasts, a new series of screencasts and a range of written articles covering all aspects of Mac development scheduled to be added over the coming weeks.