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Coach'ying 1.1 released - First Decision Making iPhone/iPod touch App

May 10, 2010 - ELLE magazine's specialist in divinatory arts, Didier Blau has released Coach'ying 1.1, an iPhone and iPod touch application based on the I Ching, a more than 3000 year old philosophical book from China. Based on the I Ching, Coach'ying precisely and pertinently answers your questions whether they are professional or personal. The I Ching or the "Book of Changes," one of the most ancient texts known today, is a summary of all human thought, philosophy and wisdom.

WildFuse releases AR Easter Egg Hunt 1.0 - Augmented Reality Game

Mar 31, 2010 - WildFuse today announces AR Easter Egg Hunt 1.0 for iPhone 3GS devices. Aimed at kids, former kids and parents, this enchanting game is based on a very traditional custom in many countries all over the world consisting of picking hidden eggs around Easter time. You will enjoy playing this game on your own or with the whole family. AR Easter Egg Hunt is one of its kind in the category of Augmented Reality games.