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GoodReader Price Reduced for Back-to-School

Aug 23, 2019 - As the new school year is underway, Good.iWare, Inc. has announced that it temporarily reduced its price for GoodReader, the document reading app for iPhone and iPad. For the past ten years, GoodReader has offered students and working professionals a simple yet powerful interface for viewing documents on an iPhone or iPad. GoodReader has become famous for the way it opens very large files as easily as tiny ones, enabling students to quickly open large electronic textbooks.

Castle Breakout! Goes Medieval on Traditional Escape Room Graphics

Feb 10, 2016 - Cloudburst Games today announces the official release of Castle Breakout! 1.5, their new game title for iOS devices. Castle Breakout! brings novice and skilled escape room-lovers a mystic adventure into medieval times, one that ends with a ride on the King's dragon. Users must outsmart the castle's updated security systems, move through mesmerizing room after mesmerizing room, and meet all the royal pets as you go. Just remember, some are quite exotic.

Time tracking simpler than ever with OfficeTime on Apple Watch

May 20, 2015 - OfficeTime is now available on the revolutionary Apple Watch. OfficeTime was developed specifically to help freelancers and small business owners increase their income through more accurately-tracked time. OfficeTime users can now walk into a meeting, tap his or her wrist, walk out, tap it again and, at the end of the week, be able to produce a report on how they spent their time. By making time-tracking that simple, OfficeTime will enable entrepreneurs to become more productive.

Musicians can now flip sheet music on iPad with GoodReader

Mar 31, 2015 - GoodReader, the world's top document reader for viewing, navigating and annotating large PDF documents, announces its new version that enables musicians to turn their music pages with a remote page turning device. Flipping music pages on an iPad presents the same problems as with standard sheet music - turning pages by hand interrupts the musician's rhythm. With GoodReader and any iPad-compatible foot pedal, the musician can simply flip pages in either the forward or reverse directions.

GoodReader makes signing documents on iPad quicker and more secure

Mar 17, 2015 - GoodReader, the world's top-selling PDF reader and file management app for iPhone and iPad, has made adding a signature to documents quicker and more secure than any other document reader. The updated app now enables users to pre-compose signatures, save them securely in GoodReader, and add them to documents in only three taps. When a document needs to be signed, the user simply chooses one of the pre-composed signatures stored in GoodReader.

GoodReader adds VoiceOver compatibility for PDF accessibility on iOS

Jan 05, 2015 - GoodReader, the world's top-selling PDF reader and file management app for iPhone and iPad, has added VoiceOver compatibility in its just-released version. VoiceOver is part of Apple's accessibility features, a gesture-based way to have an iPhone or iPad speak what is written on the screen. Combined with GoodReader's recently released "Text-to-Speech" feature, GoodReader now better enables iPhone and iPad users with visual or reading disabilities to access PDFs and other documents.

GoodReader for iPhone and iPad now does the reading for you

Nov 14, 2014 - Good.iWare today announces GoodReader 4.7.0, an important update to its popular productivity app for iOS devices. Known as the top document reader for viewing, navigating and annotating large PDF documents, version 4.7.0 introduces a new "Speak" feature which turns any PDF or TXT document on an iPhone or iPad into an audio book. Users can listen to full documents or sections of documents in their preferred language, and with absolute control over the speed of how fast the text is read aloud.

GoodReader now supports larger reading space on iPhone 6

Sep 29, 2014 - Good.iWare announces GoodReader, the world's best-selling document reader for iPhone and iPad, has been updated to version 4.5.0, delivering full iOS 8 compatibility optimized for the larger screens of the latest iPhones. The app makes it easier than ever to find and access all the features for reading, sharing and storing documents. It offers an even more efficient tool layout which makes it easier to access all of the app's features. The new version of GoodReader also supports Handoff.

OfficeTime now simplifies time tracking easier for small business

May 29, 2014 - OfficeTime now makes it easier for freelancers and business owners to track time on Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad. OfficeTime makes recording and tracking time and expenses simple with a clean, elegant interface. OfficeTime's latest version for PC and Mac features a clean new interface and over 150 improvements. The mobile version for iPhone and iPad has also been updated with over 100 improvements, plus optimized to work even better with iOS 7.