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Prompt is simple teleprompter software for Mac

Oct 15, 2011 - introduces Prompt 7.5, an affordable simple teleprompter software solution for Mac and Windows. User configurable. Prompt can save in it's own format and .txt to share between users on Mac and Windows. Text can be imported and exported to and from the application in the standard .txt format as well as saved with a native Prompt! .pmt format. The software scrolling speed can be controlled by the keyboard or mouse or both at the same time. Multiple seat and platforms available.

Movieclips for Your Next Business Presentation

Dec 03, 2007 - Professionally produced, ready made short video clips for PowerPoint, Keynote, iPod or corporate video presentations. Better than stock video, offers a ready made video clip for your business presentation without the usual associated cost. Royalty free. Movieclips can be purchased individually or discounted with an annual membership. Available for preview and purchase on-line now.