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New iOS keyboard Doodle Doodle provides great stickers for chatting

Feb 02, 2015 - Bulgaria based Underplot Apps announces its debut app, Doodle Doodle for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The Sticker Custom Keyboard features 300 hand drawn stickers arranged in categories, a number of predefined sticker colors and an accompanying app that offers sharing on social networks and other platforms. Additionally for St. Valentine's Day Underplot Apps offers a free version of Doodle Doodle called Doodle Valentine.

Pew! Pew! Starblast 1.0 for iOS - Voice Controlled Space Shooter

Jul 26, 2011 - Indie developer Underplot Apps today introduces Pew! Pew! Starblast 1.0, their new voice-activated space shooter for iOS devices. Pew! Pew! Starblast gives the player the opportunity to control the game's space ship by tilting the device and by producing his/her own sounds like "pew!" or "bang!" to fire the ship's laser gun. The gameplay features a balanced combination of voice control, using the iPhone's accelerometer and a system of in-game bonuses like automatic gun and power-ups.

The photography app Doodle Booth HD for iPad with a lite-free version

May 03, 2011 - Underplot Apps today announces Doodle Booth HD Free 1.2, their free, new photo application for the iPad. Specifically designed for iPad, Doodle Booth HD offers you the opportunity to use different stickers in a way you have scrawled with a pen on the photo. The application comes with 60 HD stickers that you could use developing your pictures. The sticker pack includes lot of frames, stars, flowers, eyes, ears, hair, masks, tattoos and bubbles in which you can write your messages.

Underplot Apps offers three iPhone apps for Photo Booth

Mar 21, 2011 - Underplot Apps introduces Blood Booth, its third photo decoration app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The twin sister of Doodle Booth, Blood Booth gets your horror levels up to the ceiling. Add doodle stickers, captions and frames to your photos and they'll look like if you've drawn them over yourself with a real pen. Be ready for blood stains, knives and general horror, all from the comfort of laying on the sofa and playing with your iPhone.

Match Kana - Free iPhone Game for Japanese Beginners

Jan 19, 2011 - Underplot Apps releases its third application in Apple's Appstore! The application is an educational game in favour of all Japanese learners. Matching the corresponding syllables of Katakana and Hiragana (the two Japanese alphabets) is the main purpose of our new app. That's why we named it Match Kana. Kana is the common name of the two Japanese syllabaries Hiragana and Katakana. Every Katakana syllable matches with one of Hiragana, but they are written differently.

The iPhone app that decorates photos in a retro style

Jan 19, 2011 - Underplot Apps is delighted to announce Doodle Booth 1.0, their free, new photo application for iOS devices. With Doodle Booth you can add doodle stickers, captions and frames to your photos and they'll look like if you've drawn them over yourself with a real pen. Doodle Booth gives you a large set of hand-drawn looking stickers. Eyes, beards, hair, glasses and earrings are just a few of the old-school style stickers you can find in the app.

Xmas Photo Contest with an iPhone app

Dec 15, 2010 - The fun photo decoration app Pimpy comes with a cool Xmas update: drop price to Free, 50 beautiful Christmas stickers and for more fun, with a cool photo contest. Now to add more excitement to your photo shooting habits, you can look forward to the Xmas Photo Contest. The reward - an artistic iPhone case printed by Zazzle store for the wackiest and most hilarious photo decorated using the amazing features of this application.

Halloween Photo Contest by the iPhone app Pimpy

Oct 18, 2010 - Underplot Apps is delighted to announce Pimpy 1.6 for iOS. Pimpy, the iPhone app for fun photo decoration is coming up with a great update for Halloween. Three brand new packs offer over 90 cool Halloween stamps with the update. Pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons, scary stuff and a lot of blood, all original and drawn in a way that fits easily and realistic to any photo. With the Halloween edition a photo contest is opened. The contest starts on October 15th and will end on November 7th.

The fun photo decoration app Pimpy is featured in iTunes

Aug 17, 2010 - One week after their first release Pimpy and its free version Pimpy Lite has over 10,000 downloads and are highlighted as "New & Noteworthy" in all major iPhone markets as USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Australia and Japan by the iTunes team. Pimpy is the latest application for photo decoration, giving access to your Facebook photos and to the photos of your friends. Choose from over 270 stamps from different categories. Additionally, you can also download more than 200 other stamps.