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Timeline 3D for Mac - Award-Winning Software Redesigned For Yosemite

Jan 20, 2015 - BeeDocs today announces Timeline 3D for Mac (v5), a significant update to their award-winning timeline software for Mac OS X. Completely redesigned for Yosemite, Timeline 3D provides a new interface to support the creation of larger, more complex timelines that can be presented in full screen and with a 3D perspective. Users can create timeline charts of world history, family trees, business deadlines, or other multimedia projects with Timeline 3D by simply entering the event and adding media.

Bee Docs Timeline 3D Adds Support for Basecamp by 37signals

Sep 15, 2009 - BEEDOCS today announced that Bee Docs Timeline 3D software for Mac OS X will support built-in integration with Basecamp by 37signals. The new feature comes as part of the v2.9 release which is free to existing customers from the BEEDOCS website. Basecamp integration joins a host of Mac applications that Bee Docs Timeline 3D integrates with including iTunes, iCal, and iPhoto by Apple, The Hit List by Potion Factory, and Things by Cultured Code.

Bee Documents releases new 3D Edition of Bee Docs' Timeline

May 12, 2008 - Bee Documents, Inc announces the release of Bee Docs' Timeline 3D Edition, a new edition of its popular timeline software for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). Bee Docs' Timeline 3D Edition presents full screen, interactive, three dimensional timeline charts. Full motion 3D Timelines can be sent to Apple's iPod, iPhone, AppleTV, or Keynote presentation software with a single click or exported to High Definition video formats. A free trial of Bee Docs' Timeline 3D Edition is available for download today.

Bee Docs' Timeline updated to 2.0.1 for Leopard

Dec 28, 2007 - Bee Documents announces the release of Bee Docs' Timeline 2.0.1, an update to its popular timeline software for Mac OS X Leopard. Bee Docs' Timeline 2.0.1 adds searchable help documentation and fixes several issues based on user feedback. The new documentation can be accessed through the Help menu and includes illustrated topics such as Understanding Automatic Layout, Image and Photos, and How to Set BC Dates.

The Future of History - New Timeline Software Released for Mac OS X

Dec 12, 2007 - Bee Documents, Inc. unveils version 2.0 of its popular timeline software. Redesigned from the ground up to support multimedia-rich timeline charts, the newly launched Bee Docs' Timeline 2.0 software allows Mac users to create beautiful and interactive timeline charts in mere minutes. The software is designed specifically to take full advantage of Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). Beginning today, Mac users will be able to create elegant graphical timelines in just three simple steps.