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Vpasana Adheres To Public Cell Phone Etiquette By Silencing Ringtone

Mar 18, 2015 - Innovative mobile app development company, Vpasana Ltd. announce Vpasana 1.1, a crucial update to the company's flagship app for iOS and Android devices. Vpasana is a revolutionary, social app that automatically switches smartphones to silent mode in designated Silent Zones based on user behavior and location information. The app uses social intelligence to determine the appropriate volume profile in a specific location and modifies the user's settings accordingly.

Migalolo - Dive Under the Sea With this Educational Musical eBook

Mar 17, 2015 - Happy Diamond Music Studio Limited today releases Migalolo 1.1, a brand new 90-minute eBook for iOS & Android devices. Already ranking 4th place in the Books category on iTunes, Migalolo will captivate young audiences as they learn about key topics related to ocean conservation. Migalolo's rich graphics and animation-style eBook lead children to learn about the science of the seas as they are educated alongside a diverse cast of sea creatures, from friendly fish to sassy seabirds and more.

Bungee Mummy: King's Escape - Adventure Featuring 3D Printable Rewards

Mar 11, 2015 - Innovative Software and Design Company, Steampunk Wizards announces Bungee Mummy: King's Escape 1.16, the company's physics-based platform adventure mobile game for iOS and Android devices. Bungee Mummy: King's Escape combines risk taking, sharp reflexes and pure adventure into one challenging yet mind-blowing game. Avoid traps, solve brain-boggling puzzles, defeat nasty enemies, swing across platforms, slingshot to distant areas, outsmart bosses and reconquer the land of Hagareem as King Phero.

WayTaskers Launches iOS App to Outsource Everyday Tasks Within Minutes

Feb 11, 2015 - Today, WayTaskers announced the launch of their app for iOS. The app is an open marketplace for people and businesses to outsource everyday tasks at a reasonable price. People often feel burned out or stressed by their jobs, feel emotionally drained from their work, used up at the end of the day. It allows users to find local people to help out around the house and office. WayTaskers is giving users the first five credits for free to post a task and bid on another task to help out.

Advice From the Gods puts World's Religions in the Palm of Your Hands

Dec 10, 2014 - Mobile application development company, Monster Code Corporation today introduces Advice From the Gods 1.0.4, the company's flagship reference for iOS and Android devices. Advice From the Gods allows anyone to gain knowledge and deepen their understanding of other cultures and religions. Users can search, bookmark and share a multitude of religious teachings from around the world, including teachings from The Bible, The Quran and The Vedas.

Joy Sprout's Innovative Kids App Uses Unique Total Development Approach

Dec 04, 2014 - Joy Sprouts is an educational, entertaining app that gives preschoolers a head start on successful learning. Joy Sprouts, Inc. designed this app to engage toddlers in learning important skills and help children improve in five key learning areas. The app includes essential features for both mom and dad too. A unique combination of the app's total development approach, world class content providers and innovative technology makes this learning app unlike any other for both children and parents.

Sort It brings Fast Finger Puzzle Games to a whole new level of fun

Dec 03, 2014 - Mobile application development company, Frenzy Cat today introduces Sort It, the company's most innovative new gaming app. Sort It is a fun and interactive 3D puzzle game that was designed to captivate users and test how quickly they can take on an organizational challenge. With colorful and detailed 3D graphics along with electrifying sound effects, Sort It allows users to organize different colored packages into their corresponding chutes simply with the dragging of a finger.

keeps - Item Tracker & Organizer 1.2 Makes Locating Your Items Easy

Dec 02, 2014 - Mobile App Developer, Reza Ibrahim announces keeps - Item Tracker & Organizer 1.2, a critical app update to his flagship app for iOS devices. keeps - Item Tracker & Organizer is a fast, simple and secure productivity app that allows users to organize their belongings, based on visuals and keywords, find them quickly and share the locations of those items with others. Users can easily snap a photo of personal items and create spots for their items like a closet or a drawer.

Best Casino Slots Evolves Slot Machine Fun Into Mobile Experience

Nov 19, 2014 - Mobile application development company, Diwip announced the launch of Best Casino Slots for iOS devices. The company is changing the way you play slot machines with another exciting mobile app. They have designed this app to offer users an entirely new way to enjoy the exhilarating casino experience at your fingertips, providing the opportunity to win huge jackpots and play exciting bonus levels. Enjoy the stimulating adrenaline rush of virtual games with Best Casino Slots for mobile