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The Clasp is a simple solution for holding your Apple iPad case closed

Jul 27, 2010 - The Clasp is a new product which provides a simple and effective solution for keeping your Apple iPad case closed. With thousands of cases already in circulation, many people have asked for a way to keep their iPad case secure. The Clasp blends in seamlessly with the Apple case and provides a latch to keep the case secure. The Clasp is constructed from a similar black rubber material as the Apple iPad Case and attaches with double-sided adhesive to the front.

New iPad Accessories from newPCgadgets Dominate Sales

Jun 14, 2010 - Riding the iPad wave, newPCgadgets has rolled out three new products targeted at improving the iPad's overall look and performance. Products include the very popular iPad Security Case with combination lock, iPad Pedestal Base and the very clever iPad Vanity Plate. The new Pedestal Base for the iPad is a high-tech looking black acrylic stand designed for supporting the iPad at home or office.

Record Sales Reported for Locking iPad Security Case

Apr 26, 2010 - The new iPad Security Case has become newPCgadgets best seller in just two weeks. The form-fitting black leather case with 2 digit combination lock, has quickly become the fastest selling iPad case next to Apple's. The Security Case meets a need for Apple owners to protect their latest investment from use by friends, co-workers and classmates. The chic soft black leather case compliments the look of the iPad, while the 2 digit combination lock keeps it safe.

New iPad Vanity Plate provide valuable contact info

Apr 22, 2010 - NewPCgadgets introduces the new Vanity Plate for the iPad. The Vanity Plate offers a custom look while providing valuable contact information in the event your iPad is lost or misplaced. This is the first loss-prevention product designed to protect your latest Apple investment. The elegant stainless steel plate secures to any iPad case ensuring that your iPad stands-out from the others.