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DropSync 3 for Mac released - Simpler, Faster, Folder Updating

Dec 11, 2014 - Mudflat Software releases DropSync 3, a completely redesigned and vastly improved version of its popular folder management software for the Mac. DropSync is for web developers, photo professionals, or anyone with big sets of files on multiple hard drives, web servers, or network shares. DropSync can watch a source folder and update in the background. The app is smart about doing work in the background and keeping its memory footprint low. It's basically a better way to copy collections of files.

Mudflat Software Introduces DropSync a Reliable Syncing Tool for Mac

Apr 13, 2011 - Mudflat software is proud to release DropSync a fast, reliable syncing tool for the Mac. Dropsync makes it easy to keep folders in sync between computers, hard drives and remote servers. It is ideal for web development, offsite backups, and keeping files in sync between work and home. Anyone who repeatedly copies or updates files will find DropSync makes their job easier. Unlike other syncing tools, DropSync is based around pairs of folder trees rather than a flat list of folder pairs.