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The $10 Bundle - 7 Mac Apps inlcuding iTeleport

Jul 22, 2013 - Two Dollar Tuesday today launches The $10 Bundle. The bundle contains 7 apps, including iTeleport, A Better Finder Rename, Animix, Chronicle, Focus, AppDelete and DealAlert. In association with the bundle, Two Dollar Tuesday is also hosting an iPad mini giveaway. Everyone who purchases is automatically entered in the giveaway, and the giveaway can also be entered without purchase at the Two Dollar Tuesday site.

Magic Mind for iOS - Stress Relief, Concentration and Sleep Aid

Apr 08, 2013 - RCS LT today introduces Magic Mind 1.3, their new meditation and stress relief app developed for iOS devices. Magic Mind uses a professionally designed combination of isochronic tones and soothing background melodies to help people reduce stress, get to sleep, concentrate and relax. It is a professionally designed relaxation, stress relief, sleep support, meditation and mind training system, with 40 sessions of carefully selected nature sounds, ambient music and special tones.

Best Of Two Dollar Tuesday - Six Top Mac App Store Apps for $2 Each

Dec 19, 2012 - The Best of Two Dollar Tuesday 2012 is now live, offering 6 Mac App Store Apps discounted by 60-90% or more. Today's deals include Taskpaper, Chronicle, Ulysses, Dropzone, Codebox and DragonDrop. This special Best Of Offer is good only on Tuesday, December 18 and Wednesday, December 19. Two Dollar Tuesday apps are available directly from the Mac App Store, meaning users never have to remember or enter product serial numbers.

Introducing One Dollar Wednesday - 99 Cent iPad Apps Once a Week

Nov 07, 2012 - One Dollar Wednesday launches today, offering 1-3 iPad apps discounted by 50% to 90%. New discounts are available every Wednesday. Today's deals include WriteRoom, Instant, and BattleFleet. WriteRoom is the original distraction-free writing environment. Battle Fleet is a WW2 naval strategy game. Instant allows users to recreate the experience of using a Polaroid instant camera to the iPad. One Dollar Wednesday will include only iPad apps at at least 50% discounts.

Chronicle 5.0 for OS X - Automatic Management of Household Bills

Aug 22, 2012 - Oklahoma based LittleFin Software today announces the release of Chronicle 5.0, an update to their best-selling home finance and bill management app for OS X, now enhanced for Mountain Lion and retina displays. It provides an easy, graphical means to enter and track bills. Features include: automatic bill paying reminders; database of payments and receipts; graphs and reports which analyze trends and averages; and a sortable list of upcoming bills which can be paid on-line from within the app.

Two Dollar Tuesday Offers PandaBar, Patterno and Mousepose - Today Only

Aug 07, 2012 - Two Dollar Tuesday launched a Mac App Store mini-bundle today, with three high quality Mac App Store apps: PandaBar, Patterno and Mousepose, available for 60% to 90% off ($1.99 each). PandaBar plays Pandora from the Mac menu bar. Patterno generates seamless patterns for background images, and Mousepose makes your mouse visible for presentations. Each application has at least a 4.5 star average rating in the Mac App Store.

TimeSaver Mini-Bundle Launched - Six Bucks for Three Top Mac Utilities

Jun 05, 2012 - Two Dollar Tuesday today launched its one-day-only TimeSaver Mini-Bundle, featuring three top Mac utilities. Included in the bundle are Divvy, Shortcuts and MenuPop. Divvy is a a window management app that eliminates the need to push and pull and drag windows around to size them. Shortcuts allows users to save time by creating keyboard shortcuts for routine things. MenuPop brings up an application's menu right by the user's cursor, using a hot key or a mouse click.

Two Dollar Tuesday Offers WriteRoom, Chronicle and CodeBox - Today Only

May 29, 2012 - Two Dollar Tuesday launched it's second Mac App Store mini-bundle today, with three top-ranking Mac App Store apps, WriteRoom, Chronicle and Codebox, available for over 80% off. WriteRoom is the original distraction free writing application. Chronicle is an easy way to manage your bills. Codebox is a powerful, full-featured snippet manager for developers and designers. Each application has a 4.5 star average rating in the Mac App Store.

Cockpit - the Mac Control Center 50% Off: Only Two Dollars Friday-Sunday

May 25, 2012 - In co-operation with Two Dollar Tuesday, Cockpit is discounted to Two Dollars this weekend only. The discounted application can be downloaded from the Mac App Store via Two Dollar Tuesday's web site. Cockpit, the Mac control center, helps users automate tasks, and puts quick access to common commands at the users fingertips. Cockpit includes a number of pre-installed controls. In addition, advanced users can create their own controls using Automator, Applescript or shell scripts.