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ESRB Introduces No-Cost Rating Service for All Digitally Delivered Games

Nov 08, 2012 - ESRB's Digital Rating Service allows creators of digital-only games and apps to obtain ESRB ratings without having to pay a fee. ESRB's "Digital Rating Service" utilizes a brief but detailed online questionnaire to assess not only a product's content & age-appropriateness, but also interactive elements, including the sharing of personal information or physical location and exposure to unfiltered user-generated content. ESRB is the most sensible way to implement ratings across the many platforms.

Macsupport ready to assist new iPad owners

May 08, 2010 - Macsupport today announced a service solution to help users streamline their transition to the iPad platform. Fusing together more than two decades experience in Mac computer technical support with a keen understanding of the iPad technology, iPad Support represents a quick and affordable solution for users.