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Wrist Pics brings Reddit image browsing to Apple Watch

Jun 02, 2015 - Steve Weintraut LLC today introduces Wrist Pics 1.1, the first Apple Watch app that allows users to browse images posted on the popular social media, news and entertainment site, Reddit. Wrist Pics was designed with a basic set of features to allow for quick loading of the app. It comes installed with a list of some of the most popular image subreddits on Reddit. A companion app for the iPhone allows users to add their own favorite subreddits too.

QuoteMaker Pro 2.1 for iPad: Customized Sales Proposals and Price Quotes

May 24, 2012 - Independent developer Steve Weintraut today announces QuoteMaker Pro 2.1 for iPad, an update to his best-selling business app that allows users to create customized sales proposals and price quotes. Featuring both cost-plus and list-minus sell price computations, sales professionals can mix and match pricing methods on a product-by-product basis, with easy control over the document's appearance. This update offers optional PDF Support, Multiple Currencies, and Advanced Export via Excel and XML.

Steve Weintraut LLC releases QuoteMaker Pro sales tool for iPad

Dec 09, 2011 - Steve Weintraut LLC has released QuoteMaker Pro for iPad. QuoteMaker Pro is a powerful price quotation and proposal creation tool for anyone involved with the sale of products or services. QuoteMaker Pro's drag and drop interface makes it easy to customize the appearance of a proposal. It also offers the ability to work off of both cost-plus and list-minus pricing. Printing and emailing of sales quotations is also supported. Pricing data may be input directly on the iPad or imported from a file.

Zacware releases Soundtastic sound app for iPad

May 07, 2010 - Zacware today announces Soundtastic 1.0, their new app available exclusively for the iPad. Soundtastic provides a simple interface for changing the pitch of a wide variety of built in sounds, as well as allowing the user to record as many of their own custom sounds as they want. Using the iPad's touch screen, users can then play these sounds in any combination, and can vary the pitch of each sound from the lowly bellow of a monster to the high pitched screech of a chipmunk.