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Learn Spanish in Luna's dress up world

Dec 22, 2014 - Madrid based Astrid Jansen Web Design announces their new app, Learn Spanish in Luna's dress up world for the iPad. In this dress-up game children learn a lot of the Spanish vocabulary while playing. The instructions are only partially in Spanish so the child will learn the Spanish words from the context of the story. If the child doesn't know what a word means, they can go to the library to look it up in the dictionary. The game can also be played entirely in English.

Totally Renewed Versions of WordTrainer Apps for Children

May 30, 2013 - Astrid Jansen Web Design announces new versions of its WordTrainer apps for iOS devices. Version 2.3 of the WordTrainer apps for children help kids learn a large amount of words in Spanish, French, English or Dutch languages, in a quick, easy and fun way. The apps offer small units of between 10 and 25 words, allowing children to easily assimilate a new language. Without tedious grammar and endless study sessions, children can easily learn a new language, anytime and anywhere.

New iPhone and iPad App for Vegetable Juices that Help Fight Diseases

Apr 30, 2013 - Astrid Jansen Web Design introduces vegetable juices with fruit 1.0 for iOS. The app helps users improve their health by benefiting from the low calorie count and abundance of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants found in vegetables. This new app provides instructions on juice preparation, ingredients, nutritional values, information on diseases and illnesses that juices can help prevent, and the recommended daily intake percentages for important vitamins and minerals in juices and vegetables.

New Crossword Puzzle Iphone App

Nov 06, 2011 - International Yawara-Jitsu federation introduces Crossword Puzzles 1.0, its new English crossword puzzle iPhone app. This app has a very easy and intuitive interface. It includes 2 crossword puzzle books, with over 80 puzzles. The crossword puzzles are organized according to level and size. The app contains from small, 12x12, easy to solve puzzles to big, 20x20 more difficult puzzles. All puzzles are automatically saved, so the user will never lose the puzzle he's currently working on.

Learning self defense with the iPhone

Oct 10, 2011 - The International Federation of Yawara-Jitsu introduces Self Defense for All 1.1, its first self defense application for the iPhone. In this interactive self-defense course, a basic self-defense protocol will be taught. It explains, among other things, how to keep a distance, protect oneself against a blow or a grip and what to do when attacked from behind and on the floor. The application's design is innovative. The explanatory texts of each technique are accompanied by a 3D animation.

Children can now learn Spanish with the iPhone

Oct 10, 2011 - Yawara-Jitsu introduces both EN-ES Nios 1.0 and EN-NL Nios 1.0, for iOS devices. After the success of the Word Trainer iPhone app, the International Federation of Yawara-Jitsu, has just released a word trainer iPhone app for children. The Word Trainer for children is an application to learn Spanish or Dutch words in a quick, easy and fun way. Without grammar and endless study sessions, children can now, at any time and anywhere learn Spanish or Dutch words with this word trainer.