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Urbanscan launches the JIGaPIX franchise on iOS

Dec 07, 2011 - Urbanscan launches the JIGaPIX franchise on iOS with JIGaPIX Christmas & JIGaPIX Unlimited. Puzzle fans, the product you have been waiting for. Welcome to the World of secret puzzling! As well as being a traditional jigsaw puzzle we've added a couple of spins to make JIGaPIX a social puzzling phenomenon. Once you have created your secret puzzle you can email it to another iOS device running JIGAPIX Unlimited for them to complete. Your creation can be saved to your phone or posted to Facebook.

Funbox Media launches Kyoki 1.1 for iPhone and iPad

Aug 15, 2011 - Funbox Media announces an update to Kyoki for iOS, their extremely addictive but simple puzzle game. The basis of the game is simple, all you need to do is pair off the different coloured counters to clear the table and progress to the next level. You fire one counter towards another by touching it and quickly wiping your finger across the screen in the direction you want the counter to go. Available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, this game offers something to gamers of all ages and abilities.

Thumbstar Games Launches Talking Photo Booth for iPhone and iPod touch

May 12, 2011 - Thumbstar Games launches the free app, Talking Photo Booth 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch. New fun entertainment title launches today giving users plenty of fun with their photos and voice. You have made yourself fat, Talked to characters and animals who have talked back. With an animated mouth and eyes that pop-out and follow your finger round the screen. Record your own videos, share them on YouTube & Facebook or send them by email.

Thumbstar Games launches Big Fishing for iPhone and iPod touch

Apr 28, 2011 - UK based Thumbstar Games today introduces Big Fishing 1.1.0, their new realistic fishing game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Featuring 5 maps designed from actual maps and 56 different types of fish, players travel globally to Dokdo Island, Maldives, Florida, Cape Town and New Zealand. The delicate texture and movements of the fish are similar to real-life fishing experiences, distinguishing itself from other ordinary fishing games.

Thumbstar Launches Crazy Fool App

Apr 08, 2011 - UK based mobile publisher Thumbstar Games has signed a deal to publish games developed by FaceTec Ltd. Their latest iPhone app, Crazy Fool 1.0 allows you to create and send your own crazy fool personalized image using your camera or images stored on your phone. The app uses patented facial recognition and image processing technology which enables large scale automated facial personalisation.

Thumbstar launches new Website

Jan 12, 2011 - UK based Thumbstar Games today launched its new look logo and website. Formed in 2008, Thumbstar is a leading publisher and distributor of mobile and digital content. Their mobile distribution coverage covers both on and off deck contracts and has contracts with over 50 development studios worldwide. Thumbstar Games also will be exhibiting at this year's mobile world congress exhibition. Taking in place in Barcelona from Feb14-18, Thumbstar is looking for new games to publish and distribute.

Thumbstar hits the new and noteworthy section wit Dynamo Kid Touch

Dec 06, 2010 - UK based Thumbstar Games hits the new and noteworthy section Dynamo Kid Touch 1.0 for iOS. Guide DynamoKid as he tries to collect as many stars as possible. Clear a path, remove baddies, destroy hazards and debri, and make DynamoKid jump. Platform gaming for the touch-age. DynamoKid Touch takes you back to the 8-bit and 16-bit era. It is a perfect fit for Apple's handhelds because of its great, quick gameplay and retro visual style.

Thumbstar Games launches Fruit Machine Goal

Jun 15, 2010 - UK based Thumbstar Games today releases Fruit Machine Goal 1.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Fruit Machine Goal combines the action and excitement of a casino slot machine with the thrills and spills of the game of football. Spin the reels to see if you can win big money as you take your team to the title. The game is fully football themed including free kick, off-sides, hat tricks, yellow and red cards, golden boots, goal line scrambles, extra time and much more.

Thumbstar Games releases Fruit Machine Gold for iPhone and iPod touch

Jun 07, 2010 - UK based Thumbstar Games announces Fruit Machine Gold 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch. The ultimate amusement machine in your pocket, Fruit Machine Gold brings all the fun of a fruit machine to the palm of your hand. Spin, hold and nudge your way to a fortune as you look to break the bank. With realistic, addictive game-play, and all manner of features to explore, the Fruit Machine Gold really hits the jackpot. Will you Strike it Lucky, catch Gold Fever or be left bankrupt?