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Indie hip-hop legend Sole and Mad Monkey Miltia release Sole App for iOS

Jun 05, 2012 - Mad Monkey Militia announces Sole App 1.0 for iOS, a universal artist app born out of an unexpected combination of game development professionals and indie hip-hop artist Sole. Sole has peeled back the curtains to let his supporters peer inside the creative process and see what makes him tick. The App features detailed artist bio, a discography, videos, image viewer, tour info, Twitter and Facebook posts, as well as updates from the The Sole Reader, the artist's Tumblr page.

SpiritPad Remote pushes iPad to iPhone connectivity to a whole new realm

Oct 30, 2010 - With SpiritPad Remote for the iPhone, you can now connect to any iPad running SpiritPad: The Oracle and take control of the Ouija seance experience. Control the Planchette remotely from your iPhone or iPod touch. You take control of the seance and have all the fun of a mischievous spirit without having to pass on to the other side. You can trigger 8 different creepy Sound Effects remotely at completely inappropriate times.

iHurt is not an RTS, it's not Starcraft 2 and we are very sorry for that

Jul 28, 2010 - Mad Monkey Militia today announces that iHurt is not an RTS, it's not Starcraft 2 and we are very sorry for that. iHurt is an exciting new cartoon style action game for the iPhone and iPod touch. iHurt and iHurt Lite is full of serious laughter, cartoon antics, ragdoll physics fun and plenty of Saturday Morning Cartoon-style HURT! The game takes place in a cartoon universe where your character's success is measured by how much 'Hurt' they can inflict on themselves.

SpiritPad: The Oracle - Get ready to make contact with the other side

Jun 05, 2010 - Mad Monkey Militia today announces SpiritPad: The Oracle 1.2 for iPad. SpiritPad: The Oracle is a group experience, an entertaining multiplayer game with a supernatural twist. Have fun or take it seriously and set up your own Seance. Not to be confused with the toy Ouija, SpiritPad is a real talking board, a digital connection to the Other Side. Now with the power of the iPad, you and your friends can bridge the gap to the spirit world. Who will you contact?