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UK's competition winning game idea rolls onto the Apple App Store

Mar 22, 2012 - Neon Play today is proud to announce Patrick Jamison has become the first competition winner to have an app idea developed into a full iOS game by a United Kingdom games studio. A panel of experts sifted through hundreds of submissions to select Rollerhog as the winner. As of today, Rollerhog can be enjoyed by every iPod, iPhone or iPad user worldwide. Rollerhog follows the trials and tribulations of a plucky young hedgehog as he attempts to navigate his way home through psychedelic landscapes.

Neon Play revolutionizes a classic in Tower Solitaire vs Friends

Mar 13, 2012 - With the release of Tower Solitaire vs Friends, Neon Play has revolutionized one the greatest single player games ever made. Millions of people all over the world have spent hours playing this engaging card game and Tower Solitaire vs Friends is sure to be just as addictive. Boosts, customizations and the ability for players to compete directly against their Facebook friends in weekly tournaments are just a few of the cool new features.

30 million downloads for Neon Play games

Jan 24, 2012 - Neon Play has just hit thirty million downloads of their mobile games. The UK's #1 indie mobile games studio started in June 2010 and are celebrating a fantastic start to 2012 by passing this impressive milestone. Flicking through Neon Play's games catalogue, it's easy to see how Neon Play has been propelled to such a figure. Games such as Flick Football, Paper Glider, Traffic Panic 3D, Paper Glider Crazy Copter and Golf Putt Pro are some of their titles to hit the big time in the App Store.

Prepare for Battle - Paper Glider vs. Gnomes for iPhone/iPad and Android

Jan 11, 2012 - Garden gnomes beware... Paper Glider returns in its biggest adventure yet, and this time it's war. UK mobile games studio Neon Play has just launched their seventh game in a series which now has well over 12 million downloads. Paper Glider vs. Gnomes is an explosive, brain-teasing game which requires bombs and logic to obliterate an army of obnoxious garden gnomes. The Android version is due for release 01/12/2012.

Neon Play's new publishing division launches Jumbled for iPhone

Dec 29, 2011 - UK based Brightside Mobile today introduces Jumbled 1.0.1, its new addictive gravity-based puzzle game for iOS devices. Jumbled is the first game title to be released from Neon Play's new publishing division. Jumbled contains over 90 brain-teasing gravity puzzles across five beautiful stages. Based on a simple premise, the aim is to move all of the blocks around the space until they fit perfectly into the empty shape provided. The faster each level is completed the more stars are awarded.

Traffic Panic 3D is free for a limited period to thanks Neon Play fans

Dec 19, 2011 - Traffic Panic 3D, perhaps the most explosive game to launch in the App Store this year is now free across both iPhone and Android. Players and critics have become obsessed with the spectacular 3D crashes. This carnage can now be enjoyed for free across both iPhone and Android phones and tablets this Christmas. Traffic Panic 3D is based on the original title Traffic Panic, which crashed into the top of the charts in early 2010, it has now had over 500 five star reviews and 2.3 million downloads.

Ben 10 prepares for battle in Ben 10 OmniGames Lite for iPhone and iPad

Dec 19, 2011 - In association with Jick Jack, TurnerEMEA officially releases Ben 10 OmniGames Lite for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. The app contains one of four games available in the full version Ben 10 OmniGames. In this free version players can play Call of the Wildmutt, an explosive side-scrolling game starring Ben himself, however, there is also the potential to transform into his powerful alien superhero, Wildmutt. Ben 10 OmniGames Lite is currently not available in the US.

Fly Santa around the world in the seasonal Paper Glider Holidays

Dec 08, 2011 - Soar into the festive spirit with Paper Glider Holidays, a Christmas version of Apple's ten billionth download, Paper Glider. Fly with Santa and drop presents all over the world with the Paper Glider series that has over 10 million fans worldwide. It's available for free now, exclusively in the App Store. In Paper Glider Holidays players must fly their glider around the world pulling Santa and his sleigh full of gifts. Score is determined by the time the player keeps their sleigh in the air.

Mobile games studio Neon Play's award tally reaches double figures

Nov 30, 2011 - Neon Play, the UK's #1 independent mobile games studio, has won its tenth award in only six months after CEO and founder Oli Christie was named Entrepreneur of the Year at the National Chamber of Commerce Awards. The award tops a fine first 19 months for the mobile games firm which has been gaining local and national recognition from a number of business publications and organisations. The start-up previously found success at the regional South West Chamber Awards winning in three categories.