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Control Philips Hue Lights easily - Rapid Hue for OS X available now

Oct 06, 2015 - Munich based indie developer, Wolfgang Augustin today introduces Rapid Hue for OS X. The quickest way to control your Philips Hue Lights is now available on your Mac. Rapid Hue enables users to control Philips Hue lights in an uber-easy way. Developed as a Menu bar app, Rapid Hue is always available. No navigation, just one click to set brightness, hue or saturation for each light or group of lights. Turn all lights off by clicking one button. There is a free trial version available.

Week Weather for iPhone adds new weather data sources

May 01, 2015 - In a slick and innovative way Week Weather provides a 5-7 day weather forecast. At one glance users see on which days / times of days it will be sunny, raining or cloudy and see a "heat map" of the week. The update adds Open Weather Map as a second data source - users can now switch the weather data source at any time and find out which one is more accurate for their location. Also new: Live temperature readings of private Netatmo Weather Stations around the forecast location are shown on a map.

Week Weather for iPhone praised for its slick and innovative approach

Mar 19, 2015 - Week Weather, a new weather app for the iPhone received lot of attention and praise upon its launch. In a slick and innovative way it provides a 7 days forecast. At one glance users see on which days / times of days it will be sunny, raining or really cloudy, see a heat map of the week. c|net says: "You've not seen a weather forecast like this. It takes imagination and creativity to stand out with a weather app, but developer Wolfgang Augustin has done just that with Week Weather."

Reader X - Google Reader Client for iPad with an Innovative UI

Apr 11, 2012 - getFineApps announces Reader X 1.2, an update to its popular Google Reader Client for iPad devices. Reader X innovates the way you use Google Reader on the iPad. All news are presented on a huge wallpaper. Browse by simply swiping horizontally and vertically. Immediately see which articles are unread, starred or read. Preview articles by tapping on their headline. In a popover you can read the summary or even the full article, save as well as share it, or open the full web page for the article.

Speedy Timer - A stylish, innovative (and speedy) Timer for the iPhone

Oct 25, 2011 - Speedy Timer, the newest app of getFineApps, is the speediest timer in the App Store - we call it "speedy" since users set the timer with just a swipe and it runs. It's as convenient as those old analogue kitchen timers. A stylish, minimalistic display, the ability to set and start a timer with just one gesture sets the app apart from other timer apps. Sometimes, one timer is not enough, so five timers can be used simultaneously. Different skins and carefully selected alarm sounds.