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SkyBlueCanvas Announces Official Stable Release of Version 1.1

Feb 01, 2009 - The SkyBlueCanvas Development Team has announced the release of version 1.1 Stable of the SkyBlueCanvas Lightweight content management system. SkyBlueCanvas Lightweight CMS is an open source, free web site content management system written in the PHP scripting language and built specifically for small web sites. The new version includes several updates including better performance, improved Search Engine Optimization tools and support for the TinyMCE and FCKeditor WYSIWYG text editors.

SkyBlueCanvas Development Team Announces Version 1.1 Beta Release

Aug 17, 2008 - The SkyBlueCanvas Development Team has announced the release of version 1.1 Beta of the SkyBlueCanvas Lightweight content management system. The new version includes improvements to the core functionality as well as several new features including single-click content publishing and re-ordering, an enhanced Plugin API and simplified module placement and publishing. SkyBlueCanvas runs on the Apache web server and is compatible with PHP versions 4-5.

SkyBlueCanvas 1.0 Release

Mar 28, 2008 - Scott Lewis, an independent developer located in Richmond, Virginia has announced the official release of SkyBlueCanvas v1.0, a lightweight, zero-configuration content management system (CMS) for small business and personal websites. SkyBlueCanvas was designed specifically for those projects where more robust systems like Joomla, Mambo and Drupal are too much horsepower.

Bright-Crayon Partner, Scott Lewis, Added to The WYMeditor Development

Feb 06, 2007 - Scott Lewis, a web developer and partner with Bright-Crayon, LLC has been selected as the newest member of the WYMeditor - - development team. WYMeditor is an open source WYSIWYM, web-based HTML editor. Scott will be handling Safari compatibility development for WYMeditor.

Bright-Crayon, LLC Announces Release of SkyBlue Canvas Lightweight CMS

Jan 30, 2007 - Bright-Crayon, LLC announces the release of SkyBlue Canvas Lightweight CMS v1.0. SkyBlue Canvas is not meant to replace any existing CMS but rather to fill a gap in the market for lightweight content management systems. SkyBlue Canvas is built specifically for small businesses who need an easy-to-use and easy-to-setup system.