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Many Tricks ships Keymo, for keyboard control of the mouse

Jul 19, 2011 - Portland based developer, Many Tricks today introduces Keymo 1.0, their new keyboard utility for Mac OS X. Keymo is a tool that lets users move, click, and find the mouse pointer by way of custom actions activated by global keyboard shortcuts. It's the perfect tool for those who prefer the keyboard to the mouse, or who find it physically challenging to use a mouse. Keymo ships with a number of preconfigured actions and users can easily edit them to change their functionality.

Many Tricks Ships Moom 2, a Flexible Window Moving and Zooming Utility

Jun 07, 2011 - Moom 2 builds on the original program's strengths at quickly and easily moving and zooming windows by including custom controls. A custom control is simply a Moom action such as zooming to 1/2 width and anchoring to the right screen edge with an optional keyboard shortcut. Users can create as many custom controls as they need, and activate them via the keyboard or menu system.

Many Tricks Ships Name Mangler, Time Sink, and Usher for Mac App Store

Jan 06, 2011 - Many Tricks today announces Name Mangler, Time Sink, and Usher on the new Mac App Store. Using Name Mangler, users can quickly rename hundreds or thousands of files at a time, using one of many renaming modes. Time Sink helps users track where they spend their time on their Mac. Usher is Many Tricks' movie management and playback tool. Easily dentify movies with metadata, organize them using folders and Smart Playlists, and play them back using either a windowed or full-screen player.

Leech 1.1 Released with Seamless Browser Integration

May 15, 2008 - Many Tricks has released Leech 1.1, a free update to its download manager for Mac OS X. With Leech, users can organize all of their downloads within one streamlined application. This update adds seamless browser integration; a rule system to define individual download folders as well as applications to open complete downloads based on a given download's file type and host; a searchable downloads history; and various minor improvements and bugfixes.

New Mac Download Manager: Leech 1.0 Released

May 07, 2008 - Many Tricks has released Leech, a new download manager that gives users complete control over their downloads. With Leech, users can queue, pause and resume downloads, download from password-protected servers and store their passwords in their system-wide, secure keychain. And like every other Many Tricks application, Leech is comfortable, easy to use, and fast.

yFlicks 3.3 with Coverflow and iTunes Integration plus TubiTunes 1.0

Mar 20, 2008 - Many Tricks has released yFlicks 3.3, an update to its movie manager/viewer for Mac OS X. With yFlicks, users can download, tag, organize and of course view their movies. This update adds coverflow for browsing your movies both in window and fullscreen mode, lets you access your iTunes movies from yFlicks, improves downloading from video communities such as YouTube, and features a lot of other small improvements.

Universal Binary of Desktop Curtain optimized for Leopard

Feb 13, 2008 - Many Tricks is proud to announce Desktop Curtain 1.0.1, the latest version of their great looking screenshot helper for Mac OS X. Desktop Curtain displays your favorite desktop picture just in front of your real desktop, so you won't have to clean up each time you need to take a screenshot. Version 1.0.1 has been upgraded to a universal binary, giving better support for Intel Macs. Furthermore Desktop Curtain has been adapted to Mac OS X 10.5's new default desktop picture.