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Twitchy Motion-Detecting Platformer Tilt 'n Go Out Now On iOS, Android

Sep 02, 2018 - Full Fat, the handheld gaming experts, announces their latest twitchy, motion-sensitive mobile platformer, Tilt 'n Go 1.1.2 for iOS and Android devices. Tilt 'n Go is designed to be easy to play and hard to master, offering a unique challenge similar to the classic 'ball-in-a-maze' puzzles. With a variety of 8 Worlds at launch and more to come, Tilt 'n Go is a distinctive puzzle-platformer that only the most skilled and patient players can conquer.

Gravity-flippin' Ball Roller Gravity Helix Out Now on iOS and Android!

Sep 01, 2018 - Full Fat announces their new gravity-controlling ball-roller for iOS and Android devices, Gravity Helix 1.0.1. Gravity Helix is a fresh take on the classic labyrinth puzzle and endless ball runner that puts a new spin on the format with gravity-flippin' gameplay! Control the ball up a spiralling helix full of gaps, spikes and breaks in the row" changing the ball trajectory from disaster to triumph" with a perfect tap at at the exact right moment to make the save!

Press To Kick With Pop Shot! Soccer - A New Fun Pop Shot! Adventure!

Sep 01, 2018 - Full Fat announces their latest hyper-casual world-cup inspired title, Pop Shot! Soccer 1.1.1 for iOS and Android devices. Pop Shot! Soccer is designed with simple one-touch mechanics, allowing for players of all ages to jump into the action. Pass the ball between the players using the simple 'Pop Shot' mechanic - pressing, holding and releasing - to shoot the ball to match-winning victory! Pop Shot! Soccer always offers players an addictive challenge that's easy to start and hard to master.

Marshawn Lynch Pro Football available for Pre-Order

Jan 23, 2018 - Full Fat today introduces Marshawn Lynch Pro Football 1.0, a new game title available for pre-order on the App Store now. Starring NFL running back Marshawn Lynch, this game offers exhilarating gameplay and ultra-realistic action, in a larger-than-life football arcade game with over the top special effects and stunning console quality graphics. Hit the field, spin and juke past oncoming defenders, smash through the defense in Beast Mode and take it to the house! Releasing on January 25, 2018.

Spin a Zoo for iOS/Android - Build a Zoo filled with Adorable Animals

Oct 19, 2017 - Full Fat today introduces Spin a Zoo 1.2, the company's new game title on for iOS and Android devices. Spin a Zoo is a cute game about collecting animals from around the world and building a zoo filled with adorable animals, delivered by train! Spin the train, and complete your animal collection. Look after your animals with food and toys, build and manage your zoo. Expand your horizons! Travel around the world, meeting furry friends from across the globe in an original zoo building simulation.

Full Fat introduces Blocky Bronco for iOS and Android - Yee-haw!

Oct 05, 2017 - UK based Full Fat today introduces Blocky Bronco v1.0, a new game title on for iOS and Android devices. Go wild in a frantic mechanical bull riding game with hilarious bails. Take the bull by the horns and hold on tight, launching into a world of pain as you smash objects in an active, physics-controlled environment filled with fun. Featuring colorful arcade-styled graphics, players can compete with friends too. Saddle up and become a bronco riding champion in this ridiculous ragdoll game.

Full Fat releases Blocky BEASTMODE on mobile, starring Marshawn Lynch

Aug 31, 2017 - UK based Full Fat today introduces Blocky BEASTMODE Football 1.0.1, a new game title on the App Store and Play Store. Rush, maneuver, and drive your way through the defense in full BEAST MODE as NFL Running Back Marshawn Lynch, in a fast-paced running game! Blocky BEASTMODE brings bite-sized action with fun, simple arcade gameplay, featuring an unusual two-lane mechanic and unique secondary tap-to-juke control. Tear up the football field as you run, tackle and smash through the defense.

Yarr! Full Fat releases Blocky Pirates v1.0 for iOS and Android

May 31, 2017 - UK based Full Fat today introduces Blocky Pirates v1.0, an arcade game for iOS and Android. Blocky Pirates is the sequel to Blocky Raider, set in the swashbuckling world of pirates. Enter a cursed world filled with action, adventure and humor. Meet pirates, skeletons and monstrous sea creatures, discover gold and legendary treasure, as you avoid deadly traps and hazards. Explore dangerous beaches, Aztec jungles and mysterious caves. Travel the ocean, unlock captains and commandeer new ships.

Full Fat releases Blocky Baseball 1.0 for iOS and Android - Play Ball

Mar 30, 2017 - UK based Full Fat today introduces Blocky Baseball v1.0, a sports arcade game for iOS and Android devices. Blocky Baseball is a batting game everyone can play with a focus on fun and humor. Easy to play, tap to swing the bat. Hit curveballs, fastballs, bounce balls and screwballs in a frantic batting game. Collect new batters in a variety of traditional uniforms and some less conventional. Unlock new bat designs from classic baseball bats in wood, aluminium or stars and stripes to crazy designs.