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The Brainstormer App brings Inspiration to the Apple Watch

Apr 22, 2015 - The Brainstormer 2.0.0, an idea-generating app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, now supports the Apple Watch. The Brainstormer is a unique idea generating app, based on a physical idea wheel constructed by concept artist Andrew Bosley and developed by Tapnik Software. Users have the freedom to edit the wheels to fit their process, from simply tweaking the built-in lists to creating entirely new scenarios from scratch. This major update adds several new features.

Droppyship brings the Flappy Bird craze to 3D

Feb 21, 2014 - Tapnik today introduces Droppyship 1.0, the newest game in the nascent "endless flapper" genre for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. Droppyship takes the brutally difficult and often addictive gameplay found in the surprise hit "Flappy Bird" and translates it into 3D. Instead of a pixelated bird, the player pilots a sleek spaceship through an unending series of gates. The game features 3D graphics and realtime lighting, using the advanced capabilities provided by shaders on modern mobile hardware.

Is Planet Minesweeper a Threat to Global Productivity?

Feb 22, 2012 - Since "Planet Minesweeper" launched on the iTunes App Store it has been downloaded over 130,000 times. Players have completed over 1.7 million games, totaling over five years of combined playtime. Planet Minesweeper takes the familiar minesweeper puzzle and wraps it around a spherical planet. A fresh update this week brings tighter controls and a newly redesigned "fast flag mode". Planet Minesweeper is on sale for a limited time.

A Pocket-Sized Idea Machine - The Brainstormer for iPhone

Jun 22, 2010 - The Brainstormer 1.2 for iPhone and iPod touch, is a unique idea generator app based on a physical idea wheel created by concept artist Andrew Bosley. The Brainstormer generates creative prompts for writing or sketching, and is a great way to fight back against creative block. A tactile tool to randomly combine a plot, a subject and a setting or style, it provides that elusive moment of inspiration for writing, painting, or any kind of creative endeavour.