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"The Church Of Mac" Featured in upcoming "Macheads" Documentary

Apr 14, 2008 - The Reverend Doctor Bobby Newton takes his message to the Big Screen. Former "Mac Genius" Tony Edwards, who portrays the fictional character, The Reverend Doctor Bobby Newton, spiritual leader and technological guide of The Church of Mac, will be featured the upcoming film, "MacHEADS". "MacHEADS" is a documentary about fanaticism and unconditional devotion to a corporate brand.

"The Church Of Mac" Takes Love Of Apple To Religious Level

Mar 06, 2008 - Ex-Apple Employee Becomes Pseudo-Church Leader; spoofs TV evangelists and technology. Former "Mac Genius" Tony Edwards has taken the sometimes fanatical love of the Apple Inc. to it's logical conclusion by creating "The Church of Mac". Edwards portrays the fictional character, "The Reverend Doctor Bobby Newton", whom he describes as "a mash-up of Stephen Colbert, Dr. Michael Beckwith (of Oprah fame) and The Onion."