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iPresentee Starts the Summer with Melting Prices and New Themes for iWeb

Jun 05, 2012 - iPresentee has introduced five new themes for Apple's Web site building application, iWeb. The following release adds new playful themes: Baby Album, Hunt, Jazz, Personal Page and Ufo. The company is proud to offer the templates which have a great design and functionality. The new release extends iPresentee's iWeb themes collection up to 165 themes designed for casual and business use. Furthermore company has reduced bundle prices of iWeb themes up to 30%.

iPresentee adds Countdown Timers for Keynote

May 09, 2012 - iPresentee today announces Countdown Timers, developed specifically for Apple's Keynote presentation software. Countdown Timers for Keynote can be used to show the time before the actual presentation or meeting should start. First introduced in 2009, the new bundle includes 10 new remarkable timers and 15 supplementary clipart images. They will help to get the audience back in their seats promptly after the breaks or notify about the remaining time.

iPresentee tested iWeb on OS X Mountain Lion and revealed new themes

Apr 03, 2012 - iPresentee is glad to announce that iWeb 3 is fully compatible with upcoming Apple desktop operating system. iPresentee also revealed 10 new themes for sports fans. The new themes for iWeb add great value to the themes collection. Users can easily change the theme design and adopt the site design according their needs. iWeb is still a popular website building application among Apple users and they can be sure that when moving from Lion Mac OS X to the new operating system without any issues.

iPresentee Launches New RapidWeaver Themes Website

Mar 28, 2012 - iPresentee, the largest supplier of iWeb and Keynote themes, debuted RapidWeaver themes market several month ago. Henceforward company expanded the portfolio of RapidWeaver themes and relaunched site. New site offers RapidWeaver users a great addition to any theme drawer. New site adds 20 glorious themes designed for Web site development using RapidWeaver from RealMac Software.

iPresentee Offers to Restock Keynote Themes Collection

Mar 05, 2012 - iPresentee adds 10 new premium themes for Keynote, to be used with Apple's popular presentation software. Keynote themes collection includes over 100 themes that allow non-designers make their slides as visual aids to explain a complicated idea into a simple, a complex concept to be easily understood. This new release includes ten new remarkable themes: Golden Leaves, Fashion Show, Yellow Arrows, Share Your Story, Snow Summit, Wood Design, Stripes Design, Glorious Day, Hot News and Glossy Paper.

iPresentee Offers to Start the New Year with New Themes for iWeb

Jan 12, 2012 - iPresentee today announces five new iWeb themes for Apple's most popular Web site building application. The company has extended iWeb themes collection up to 150 themes. The following release adds five new themes: Black Fence, Cat, Classical Music, B&W and Personal Space. New themes add an exceptional, stylish choice for various needs. No matter what your personal or business interest is the iPresentee themes collection houses a premium solution for any website.

iPresentee Announced Major Update of iWeb Themes Collection

Dec 07, 2011 - iPresentee today announces ten new themes for Apple's Web site building application, extending the company's themes collection up to 145 themes. This update adds ten gorgeous themes, including Artificial Intelligence, Photos Fan, RC Cars, Country, Pilot Bear, Graffiti, Charity Center, Hotel, Church and Family Clinic. Each theme has a unique design, look and feel. Users can change the theme design within minutes and adapt the site design according their needs.

iPresentee Relaunches the Set of Free Stuff

Dec 01, 2011 - iPresentee relaunches its set of free stuff, including 4 iWeb themes, 2 RapidWeaver themes, 2 Keynote themes, 2 Keynote Motion Themes and more. The company has added a number of free products available for any Apple fan. Keynote Countdown Timer, Keynote Alphabet, Mail Stationery, RapidWeaver themes, Keynote themes, iWeb Themes, Clipart and more. All free packages are top quality, do not require any registration and are available for immediate download.

iPresentee Debuts New RapidWeaver Themes

Oct 12, 2011 - iPresentee today debuts ten glorious new RapidWeaver themes designed for Web site development. A perfect solution for small businesses or individuals looking to establish their online presence, RapidWeaver themes are pre-designed website templates. Each theme include different built-in styles, page styles and snippets for more advanced theme editing options. All the user needs to do is to add content and they are ready to jump start their own website.