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Whimmy 2.0 - The Music app With Your Emotions in Focus

Dec 10, 2013 - EFDapps announces Whimmy 2.0 for iPhone. This app links music with emotion. It allows the user to categorize Spotify and iTunes music by adding songs to emotions. 'The Music Picker' is a new way to plow through your music libraries. Your favorite music is there for you, at your fingertips, as soon as you need it. The heart of the app is the four emotions: happy, sad, angry & love. The user taps the emotion that fits his/her current state of mind and just the right music starts to play.

Life Soundtrack is the new way to listen to music

Apr 16, 2012 - Eternal Fight Dancers has announced Life Soundtrack 1.0 for iOS. This is the app that mixes music with emotion. It lets the user categorize iTunes music by adding tunes to emotions. The heart of the app is the four emotion buttons; Happy, Sad, Angry and Love. The user taps the emotion that fits her current state of mind and the music starts to play. Your favorite music at the tip of your fingers, as soon as you need it. To cheer up, to comfort or what the given occasion calls for.

Funky Fish 1.0 - Classic Side-Scroller Game Set Underwater

Dec 16, 2010 - AX apps today introduces Funky Fish 1.0 for iOS, their side-scroller game set underwater. In landscape mode the screen scrolls continuously from right to left carrying in the undersea current bubbles enclosing cakes, birds, and champagne bottles. The player controls the buoyancy of the single fish: touch the screen and the fish rises, don't touch the screen and it descends. The object is to collect as many bubbles as possible, while avoiding fishhooks and bubbles enclosing monsters.