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Creaceed releases Carbo 1.0, bringing handwriting in the digital age

May 21, 2015 - Creaceed today introduces Carbo 1.0 for iOS, its new app for pen & paper lovers. bringing handwriting in the digital age, Carbo lets you capture and organize handwritten notes and sketches. Its innovative visualization technology sets you free from pixel artefacts, while preserving all expressiveness of your original drawings. Easily collect notes, design sketches, whiteboard drawings, tag and annotate your notes for easy retrieval, and store them either on the device itself or in the cloud.

Creaceed releases Hydra 1.0 - HDR, 32MP photo app for iPhone/iPad

Jan 29, 2015 - Belgium based Creaceed today releases Hydra 1.0 for iOS, an innovative photo capture app for iPhone and iPad. Hydra offers unique photo capture technology with support for HDR, sensor noise removal, and hi-res (32MP) shooting that lets users take beautiful pictures even in the most difficult lighting conditions. The app is presently on sale at 40% off. Hydra is the perfect companion for the iOS built-in camera app.

Creaceed Releases Prizmo 3.0 for OS X Yosemite

Nov 13, 2014 - Belgium based Creaceed is proud to announce the immediate availability of Prizmo 3.0 for OS X Yosemite, its flagship app for document scanning and processing. Just a few weeks after releasing Prizmo for iOS 8, which was awarded a mention by Phil Schiller during iPad Air 2 introduction in latest Apple Keynote, Creaceed releases a major update to the Mac version, 3.0, with extensive support for new Yosemite features.

Creaceed Releases Emulsio, a Powerful Video Stabilization App for iOS

Feb 27, 2014 - Creaceed announces the immediate availability of Emulsio 2 - Powerful Video Stabilization for iPhone and iPad. Emulsio stabilizes videos recorded with iPhone or iPad, or even GoPro(TM) cameras, automatically removing unpleasant camera shake. Emulsio compensates horizontal, vertical, and rotational camera motion, as well as wobble (rolling shutter) distortion. Emulsio gives you additional capabilities to make your videos even more beautiful.

Creaceed releases 32-bit and 64-bit iOS Speech Recognition SDK

Feb 10, 2014 - Creaceed releases CeedVocal speech recognition SDK for iOS, supporting 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. Creaceed's CeedVocal SDK supports isolated words recognition from a list of up to 5,000 words, and keyword spotting. The SDK runs directly on the device, and is available in 6 languages to developers who want to design distinctive iPhone and iPad applications. As no training is required from the end user, speech recognition is ready to use as soon as the app is launched.

Creaceed Releases Prizmo 3 for iOS 7 as a free upgrade

Sep 19, 2013 - Creaceed today announces the release of Prizmo 3 on the App Store worldwide. Prizmo, the best scanning/OCR app for iPhone and iPad, was completely redesigned for taking full advantage of iOS 7. Prizmo comes with iCloud support, so that you can start processing a document on your iPhone, and finish it on your Mac. As particular attention was paid to accessibility, Prizmo is also a valuable tool for the visually-impaired, students with learning disabilities, and dyslexic children.

Creaceed Releases Prizmo 2 for iPhone and iPad with iCloud Support

May 14, 2013 - Creaceed announces the release of Prizmo 2 for iPhone and iPad on the App Store worldwide. Prizmo 2 is now a universal application, with a user interface specifically designed for each device. Prizmo comes with iCloud support for work-in-progress documents. Prizmo, with this new version, has now become a valuable tool for the visually-impaired and the blind as we paid particular attention to improving its accessibility.

Creaceed Previews Prizmo 2 for iPhone/iPad with iCloud Support

Jan 31, 2013 - Creaceed is proud to exhibit at Macworld/iWorld '13 (booth #718/24) for the 5th time, and today announces Prizmo 2 for iOS, an upcoming update to its popular app to scan and perform OCR on text documents, business cards and images on iPhone and iPad. Creaceed is demoing Prizmo 2 for OS X as well as a preview of Prizmo 2 for iOS at Macworld. Besides, both apps are on sale in the App Store during the show.

Hydra 3.1 (HDR app for Mac) is Available Today on the Mac App Store

Nov 09, 2012 - Creaceed is announcing the immediate availability of Hydra 3.1, its flagship high dynamic range (HDR) imaging app for photographers. This new version is an important update over the previous one, that brings user experience refinements, much accelerated previewing and rendering, as well as support for Apple's latest hardware (Retina MacBook Pro) and software (Mountain Lion, Aperture).