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Brutal Fantasy: Orcs of Undermountain for iOS - RPG/Beat-em-up Hybrid

Jan 05, 2011 - Iskandar today introduces Brutal Fantasy: Orcs of Undermountain 1.0 for iOS, their latest, action packed RPG/Beat-em-up hybrid. The game is arena based, with a set number of enemies who must be defeated per level. Unlike most other games of this kind, it also has a deep storyline, driven by meticulously inked and scripted in-game cutscenes. BF: OoU features vector graphics for HD display on iPad and Retina screens, 20 primary Levels - with infinite Levels beyond, and Game Center connectivity.

Cut Him Up! Game for iOS - Pulp Noir Brawler with Stylized Graphics

Aug 04, 2010 - New Jersey based Iskandar, Inc. today introduces Cut Him Up! for iOS, their pulp noir brawler game with stylized, comic book, B&W animated graphics, and deep red blood spatter effects. It features a middleware physics engine for realistic explosions, both story and survival gameplay modes, a large assortment of combo moves, chainsaw attacks, and epic boss fights. The artist and developer, longtime fighting game fans, cite Street Fighter, Double Dragon, and Sin City as seminal influences.

Logan and the Upside Down Sea - Kids eBook Optimized for All iOS Devices

Jul 28, 2010 - New Jersey based Iskandar, Inc. today introduces Logan and the Upside Down Sea 1.0, their interactive eBook for kids optimized for all iOS devices. The eBook features: pen and ink, hand drawn graphics; read aloud option; follow along text; touch sensitive characters; interactive story line; and an imaginative, fun-filled narrative. Incorporating page turn animation, the optimized graphics appear at the highest resolution possible, whether viewed on an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Retina display.