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Dec 15, 2011 - Brand New website: (FAED) offers iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users with paid applications that are free for one day. FAED offers both a website and an application that allows iOS users to stay up to date with all the latest free offers. FAED has just been launched for developers who can sign up free for slots between February and March 2012. Developers are urged to sign up now if they wish to take advantage of the free offer.

Social Feeds: Facebook and Twitter Combined - iPhone/iPod touch and iPad

Dec 02, 2011 - UK based BasyBoyApps today introduces Social Feeds 1.0, which is available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Social Feeds merges your news feeds from Facebook and Twitter into a single color coded feed. It also allows unlimited multiple logins from both networks as well as multiple status updates. Social Feeds is a compltely unique application that will revolutionize mobile social netowrking as we know it - keeping you up to date in a single tap.

TanningBooth iPhone App - Get an Instant Tan - The FatBooth of Tanning

Mar 06, 2011 - UK based Basyboy today announces TanningBooth 1.2 for iOS. TanningBooth allows users to instantly tan a picture of themselves or friends. With a focus on ease-of-use, the user simply selects the tone they want, choose or take a picture, and voila! Users can receive an instant and 100% natural looking tan. TanningBooth can be used just for fun or it is perfect for shooting a new Facebook or Twitter Profile Picture.

Spot The Terrorist App - Crowd Patrol Finally Allowed onto App Store

Jul 26, 2010 - UK based Basyboy today announces Crowd Patrol 1.0 for iPhone and iPad devices. You are a member of the Crowd Patrol Squad, and your goal is to snipe out the terrorist, before the time on the bomb runs out. As well as being a fun exciting game, Crowd Patrol tests your patience, eye sight, reflexes, etc. Crowd Patrol Free is the trial version and provides 7 trial levels. Crowd Patrol 2, is the full version and contains many more levels, all in HD quality, and many more features.