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Emily Wants to Play causes players to break their headphones in fear

Dec 18, 2015 - Play as an unlucky pizza delivery guy in the new horror game, Emily Wants to Play, released on Steam last week. Emily Wants To Play promises to scare and has been exploding on social media with videos of players jumping out of their seats in fear. Some players even claim to have broken their equipment after throwing off headphones and knocking over microphones in reaction to the scares of the game. Enjoy this new scary game on your Mac or PC for only $4.99.

Razed - A unique indie puzzle game gets featured in 36 countries

May 03, 2013 - Upon its release, SKH Apps' new puzzle app, Razed, was featured on the App Store in 36 different countries around the world. Offering unique gameplay, the user must rotate a puzzle box causing a small scarab beetle to drop down. They must get the beetle to land on coins and then head for an exit. Doing this in the quickest time with the least amount of turns nets the user more points. Later levels include new obstacles such as mines and teleporters, bigger puzzles and more.

Scientists create cheat for popular word game that shows all the answers

Nov 30, 2011 - SKH Apps today introduces Board Solver for Words With Friends 1.0, their complex puzzle solving tool for iOS devices. Board Solver for Words With Friends combines optical character recognition with word generation technology to effectively create a championship level Words With Friends player in the hands of any user. Created by a small team of scientists, this app has the unique ability to read game screens and show users where to place their tiles to make the highest point words.

Trick or Treat: Free quiz app with evil theme just in time for Halloween

Oct 21, 2011 - SKH Apps today introduce Evil Quiz 1.0, their new puzzler app for iOS devices. Evil Quiz is filled with a 100 levels of brainteasing questions and riddles that truly test the users IQ. The user's goal is to outwit the developers, and not fall for their trickery in the fastest time possible. Some questions appear to not have enough information, some are tricky puzzles, while others give you a limited time to solve simple math. This time is recorded using Apple's Game Center.

50,000 people want the secret to the free iPhone app: A Very Simple Game

Sep 11, 2011 - The free iPhone app "A Very Simple Game" continues to puzzle thousands of new users daily. A Very Simple Game pushes memory and focus to its limits, but in a very simple way. Deceptively appearing easy, it actually takes great attention and focus to keep track of each answer as many users are finding out. A top Entertainment app in several countries, A Very Simple Game includes three "simple" levels of varying difficulty and highscores via Apple's Game Center.

A Very Simple Game - iPhone and iPad App Baffles Thousands

Aug 14, 2011 - SKH Apps today introduces A Very Simple Game 1.0, their free new entertainment app for Phone, iPad and iPod touch devices. A Very Simple Game pushes memory and focus to its limits, but in a very simple way. Deceptively appearing easy, it actually takes great attention and focus to keep track of each answer as many users are finding out. Version 1.0 includes threel levels of varying difficulty and and highscores via Game Center.

Words with Cheats for Friends Update helps Cheat your Hanging Friends

Jun 18, 2011 - SKH Apps released another update to their app Words With Cheats for Friends, the best word finder cheat on the app store for over a year. This speedy word finding cheat app searches millions of letter combinations and creates up to 16 letter words in seconds. Included in this app is the popular import game screen feature and one tap definitions. The word engine can create words and solve word puzzles on top word games including Words With Friends and Hanging With Friends.

Free version of popular Mad Monkey iPhone game reaches Top 50

Apr 22, 2011 - SKH Apps today introduces Mad Monkey Free 1.0, a free version of the family inspired app for iPhone and iPad. The simple play mechanics, a smiling cartoon monkey that drops items at high speeds, and gameplay similar to the classic Atari game called "Kaboom!" seem to be a winning combination with users. The user tries to catch the fast fruit using only a finger. Catching too many items causes the monkey to get frustrated spouting funny little sayings and increasing his speed faster and faster.

Find out who can text the fastest with free iPhone app - iTextFast Free

Apr 19, 2011 - SKH Apps released a free app, iTextFast Free 1.0 to let users find out how fast they can text popular acronym's and phrases. Users can use the iPhone/iPod typing speed test to see how fast they can text words and phrases like: omg, ttyl, im omw home, the alphabet and more. On each level, the user tries to text a word or phrase as fast as they can. New best scores are identified and recorded for each level.