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Take a Dive into an Underwater Heaven with Water Ludo for iOS

Apr 14, 2011 - Softmines, a developer and publisher of games for the iOS platform, today announced that their first Unity 3D engine based game title, Water Ludo 1.0, is available for immediate download on the App Store. Water Ludo is an underwater theme based game that is all about precision, timing and control. Guide a ball over ramps, moving platforms and other obstacles to reach the designated basket for that ball. The player solves a variety of puzzles and saves the balls from a variety of sea monsters.

CandyLand for iPhone Goes Free - New Cinematic Video Trailer Released

Mar 23, 2011 - Softmines today unveiled the cinematic trailer of their best game title, CandyLand that can now be viewed on YouTube. The trailer showcases the story behind the game concept and the exciting features it offers. Also, Softmines is pleased to announce that the game will be free for a limited time starting today. 5 users who write the most helpful review of the game on the U.S App Store will receive a iTunes gift certificate.

An iPhone game to watch out for - CandyLand released on App Store

Mar 04, 2011 - Softmines today introduces CandyLand 1.0 their best game title yet for iPhone and iPod touch. CandyLand is a fun filled adventure game based on lane crossing. There are 100 levels full of mysterious creatures, some will block your way and some may help you cross it. Easy to play but difficult to master, CandyLand is a two button game where the objective is simple. Help poor Bum-Bums cross the dreaded lanes to reach their home. But beware the way is cleverly blocked by these wicked bugs.

A Treat for Dog Lovers and Children - Snuffles now available on iPhone

Jan 11, 2011 - Softmines today announces Talking Pals-Snuffles the Dog 1.0 for iOS. Providing countless hours of fun for the young and adult alike, Snuffles responds to your voice and your gestures. Talk to him and he will repeat whatever you say, poke him and he will respond in a friendly bark, gesture him to smile and he will get excited, tickle him to give you that 'awww' expression or make him sad by gesturing him to do so.

Thunderous Daisy hits the iPhone Screen - Get Ready to be Toasted

Dec 06, 2010 - Softmines today announces Talking Pals-Daisy the Cow 1.01 for for iPhone and iPod touch. Talking Pals-Daisy the Cow provides countless hours of fun for the young and adult alike, she responds to your voice and gestures; Talk to her and she will repeat whatever you say, poke her on her ears and foot she will be surprised and finally, you can tickle her to make her laugh. The app features many more animations involving different gestures and image sharing on Facebook and email.

Talking Pals-Kooka released on App Store

Nov 24, 2010 - Softmines today announces Talking Pals-Kooka 1.0, their latest title for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Talking Pals-Kooka is an entertaining voice morphing app in which a cute little 3-D character, Kooka, responds to user's voice and gestures. Talk to him and he will repeat whatever you say. Poke him on his ears and foot and he will be annoyed, tickle him and he will laugh earnestly, drag the bird feather to his noise and he will sneeze and finally, slap him if he goes off to sleep.

Bloody Hell 1.1 for iPhone/iPod touch brings a Complete Design Makeover

Sep 16, 2010 - Softmines today announces Bloody Hell 1.1, an update to their popular action game for iPhone and iPod touch. Bloody Hell puts the player into the shoes of a man hell bent on taking the ultimate retribution from his adversaries - their deaths. Using a wide variety of weaponry including guns, bombs and nuclear explosions, players can wreak destruction on any and all figures that dare to cross their path. Version 1.1 brings a complete overhaul of the whole UI, adding boss battles and much more.

Bloody Hell coming to iPhone on Aug 10 - Launch Promotion Announced

Aug 07, 2010 - Softmines has revealed the release date for their first title, Bloody Hell, hitting the App Store August 10. Bloody Hell is a fast-paced, bloodthirsty action game that will keep players addicted at all times with its pick up and play simplicity. Softmines has also unveiled a cinematic video trailer of the game that can now be viewed on YouTube. This new trailer will showcase the story behind the game's concept and the awesome features it offers.